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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]porcelain_sky. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: random; star tattoos
credit: axecons @ lj
Keywords: Pink lips
Keywords: Clem smoking
Keywords: Bloody girl
Keywords: SG symbol
credit: audaciax @ lj
Keywords: Rainbow rose
credit: mstopvega @ lj
Keywords: Akemi Suicide tattoos
credit: punkette4vab @ lj
Keywords: I'm fine without you
credit: razorsxrosaries @ lj
Keywords: Kat Von D
credit: delineate @ ij
Keywords: Kat Von D; boob hold
credit: hollow_art @ lj
Keywords: SG; Manko; red lips
credit: qadosh @ lj
Keywords: Green lemonade; cigarette
credit: embargo @ ij
Keywords: SG; Porphyria
credit: pbsbyariel @ ij
Keywords: Green lemonade; eye
credit: embargo @ ij
Keywords: Clem & Joel; elefant
credit: featurefilm @ lj
Keywords: Nick & Norah
credit: embargo @ ij
Keywords: If I had a tumor I'd name it Marla
Keywords: SG; Sash; bent
credit: axecons @ lj

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