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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]rezista. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: w - your mom
created by [info]kiokushitaka
Keywords: U - Comfort
by [info]lovemedead
Keywords: W - stfu noob
by [info]lovemedead
Keywords: U - winkeh
by [info]lunareuphoria
Keywords: w - work is too much work
by bittersweet_art [lj]
Keywords: w - type of girl & yesterday's joke
Keywords: u - HOMGZ!
by [info]lovemedead
Keywords: u - ice cream together
by [info]lovemedead
Keywords: w - bonds of friendship
by [info]lovemedead
Keywords: u - unsure
by [info]lovemedead
Keywords: u - you 'n me
by [info]lovemedead
by [info]lovemedead
Keywords: w - cooler than ice cubes
Keywords: w - the best friends are mine
Keywords: w - you have to be mentally retarded
Keywords: w - jello relationship
Keywords: w - I need to make you laugh
Keywords: w - you break my friggin' heart
created by [info]rezista
Keywords: YAYCONS
created by [info]rezista for PERSONAL USE.
Keywords: u - sad call
created by [info]rezista
Keywords: w - waiting
Keywords: w - oh fucking shit
Keywords: w - kushrenada *beep*
Keywords: w - duo imagine
Keywords: u - which one is hikaru game
Keywords: w - hiitachin whatever
Keywords: u - tamaki dotdotdot
Keywords: u - tears
Keywords: u - i'm not crying
Keywords: u - feel the sun
Keywords: u - sakura's pink hat
Keywords: u - uh...what.
Keywords: u - tamaki's not leaving!
Keywords: U - coffee break
Keywords: w - kick you. with my fist.
created by [info]kiokushitaka
Keywords: u - sena crushed
created by [info]kiokushitaka
Keywords: u - smoke break
created by [info]kiokushitaka
Keywords: w - hiruma "the fuck?"
created by [info]kiokushitaka
Keywords: u - chibi hiruma
created by [info]kiokushitaka
Keywords: u - hiruma hand over ear
created by [info]kiokushitaka

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