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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]shan_leto. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: default
Keywords: side in sunglasses
Keywords: playing guitar
Keywords: sitting in shades
Keywords: cutest smile/hat
Keywords: pointing & smiling
Keywords: bw drum ad
Keywords: smile
Keywords: crazy
Keywords: not funny
Keywords: taking pic
Keywords: hi there!
Keywords: sigh/thinking
Keywords: look away
Keywords: don't fuck with me
Keywords: glyph tatt
Keywords: sad
Keywords: sticking out tongue
Keywords: me & J - beautiful
Keywords: hee smile
Keywords: thinking
Keywords: hurt
Keywords: down/sad
Keywords: coffee
Keywords: goof ball
Keywords: pondering
Keywords: smile! russian pc
Keywords: ninja shannon
Keywords: shirtless
Keywords: posing with drums
Keywords: edge of stage/concert
Keywords: twitter pic
Keywords: me & J - bw
Keywords: me & J - dj'ing
Keywords: me & J - close
Keywords: laughing
Keywords: in hat
Keywords: me & J - f
Keywords: me & J - j hugging me
Keywords: me & J - laughing
Keywords: me & J - at his bday
Keywords: me & J - arm over me
Keywords: me & J - so serious

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