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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]shield_maiden. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: Goddess on the beach
Keywords: Staff fighting
Keywords: Braids
Keywords: Sword Fighting
Keywords: Closeup
Keywords: Migard Leathers
Keywords: Green shirt
Keywords: Closeup - quiet
Keywords: Closeup - Up to no good
Keywords: Pondering
Keywords: Smiling Princess
Keywords: Sleeping
Keywords: Smile over shoulder
Keywords: Tryggvi
Keywords: Fur cloak braids
Keywords: Battle ready - comic
Keywords: on tryggvi
Keywords: Whistling for Tryggvi
Keywords: FOR ASGARD!
Keywords: Vaguely amused
Keywords: Axe and Shield fighting
Keywords: Crying
Keywords: Pissed off
Keywords: Very serious
Keywords: Listening
Keywords: I can smile. Really!
Keywords: Pink dress - Migard
Keywords: Kiss
Keywords: Laughing
Keywords: On Tryggvi - photo
Keywords: Say what?
Keywords: Surprised
Keywords: Flirty
Keywords: Pretty smile
Keywords: With Jon and getting close
Keywords: new uniform with sword
Keywords: Eating with Jon
Keywords: Smirk
Keywords: Beat up
Keywords: Grrrr - Comic
Keywords: OMG
Keywords: Smashing things - comic
Keywords: Serious - comic
Keywords: Blue shirt
Keywords: Bowed Head
Keywords: Goddess of Hope
Keywords: Huh?
Keywords: Bat'leth
Keywords: Young Svalin
Keywords: As Marlow
Keywords: Kneeling
Keywords: Dressed up
Keywords: Intense
Keywords: Leaning against a tree
Keywords: Princess of Asgard
Keywords: Red shirt
Keywords: Tan shirt
Keywords: Not believing
Keywords: Little shy

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