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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]toldstein. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: 1. trust no one.
Keywords: 2. run away from danger.
Keywords: 3. read carefully.
Keywords: 4. never look guilty.
Keywords: 5. always be on your guard.
Keywords: 6. question authority.
Keywords: 7. make intelligent decisions.
Keywords: 8. don't laugh in their faces.
Keywords: 9. look up to your idols.
Keywords: 10. never take anything at face value.
Keywords: 11. don't let tragedy affect you.
Keywords: 12. always understand.
Keywords: 13. get a little angry.
Keywords: 14. don't believe the hype.
Keywords: 15. be friendly.
Keywords: 16. vote or die.
Keywords: 17. make sure your nads are intact.
Keywords: 18. mock the stupid.
Keywords: 19. really mock the stupid.
Keywords: 20. laugh at the idiots.
Keywords: 21. be okay sometimes.
Keywords: 22. just let it go.
Keywords: 23. smile for the ladies.
Keywords: 25. get a haircut.
Keywords: 26. don't listen to anyone.
Keywords: 27. don't let it get you down.
Keywords: 28. make a good first impression.
Keywords: 29. make vigorous hand gestures.
Keywords: 30. read everything.
Keywords: 31. don't tamper with evidence.
Keywords: 32. always pay attention.
Keywords: 33. use secret codes.
Keywords: 34. be forceful.
Keywords: 35. introduce yourself.
Keywords: 36. be wary.
Keywords: 37. pay attention to your surroundings.
Keywords: 38. ask questions.
Keywords: 39. be aggressive.
Keywords: 40. get up in someone's grill.
Keywords: 41. be passionate.
Keywords: 42. win some times.
Keywords: 43. accept your fate!
Keywords: 44. hide yourself.
Keywords: 45. get money. get bitches.
Keywords: 46. be a little bit shy.
Keywords: 47. you lose some.
Keywords: 48. let something shock you.
Keywords: 49. get outraged.
Keywords: 50. don't be too cocky.
Keywords: 51. make friends.
Keywords: 52. figure it out.
Keywords: 53. leave them wanting more.
Keywords: 54. tell a few jokes.
Keywords: 55. share a few laughs.
Keywords: 56. get serious.
Keywords: 57. yell at them.
Keywords: 58. wear a mask.
Keywords: 59. bow to your master.
Keywords: 60. take what's rightfully yours.
Keywords: 61. bitchslap a ho.
Keywords: 62. superman that ho.
Keywords: 63. change the world.
Keywords: 64. be united.
Keywords: 65. sit back and admire your work.
Keywords: 66. dream of a better tomorrow.
Keywords: 67. stop being so cheesy.
Keywords: 68. get nervous sometimes.
Keywords: 69. laugh at yourself.
Keywords: 70. do something embarrassing.
Keywords: 71.

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