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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]wangsta. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: we be burnin'.
Keywords: playas in the house!
Keywords: you cannot deny this face.
Keywords: i'm a buy you a drank.
Keywords: grr. this is my angry face.
Keywords: wait. shh. they're watching.
Keywords: raisin' da roof yo!
Keywords: oooh wasn't me!
Keywords: lemme tell you a secret.
Keywords: say what?
Keywords: i'm with stupid.
Keywords: hmm? oh! nothing!
Keywords: are you sure?
Keywords: oh snap oh snap oh snap!
Keywords: girls scare me.
Keywords: jack sloper is the man.
Keywords: wow. that shocks me.
Keywords: rollin' with the homies.
Keywords: aye aye captain!
Keywords: i'ma fuck you up!
Keywords: don't you play with me boy!
Keywords: RAHHHHH!
Keywords: say that to my face.
Keywords: um. no.
Keywords: you wanna mess?
Keywords: this is my buddy!
Keywords: pound it bro.
Keywords: eeee i'm awkward!
Keywords: do you mind? i'm tryna mess.
Keywords: i don't believe you.
Keywords: say that again?
Keywords: girl plz.
Keywords: i am so fabulous that it hurts.
Keywords: watch me crank that robocop.
Keywords: houston we have a problem.
Keywords: i'm bringin' sexy back.
Keywords: nothing to see here. move along.
Keywords: uh oh. this is bad.
Keywords: i'm a calm boy.
Keywords: whoa! no way!
Keywords: hello!
Keywords: keep on truckin'.

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