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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]yuna_braska. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: Russian Roulette is not the same
without a gun. » [info]yuna_braska
Keywords: I'll do what it takes
till I touch the sky. » [info]yuna_braska
Keywords: I'm drowning in your dizzy noise.
» [info]yuna_braska
Keywords: No remorse 'cause I still remember
the smile when you tore me apart. » [info]yuna_braska
Keywords: The moon's awake now
with eyes wide open. » [info]yuna_braska
Keywords: Everyone knows I'm in over my head.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: if we should get separated just whistle
» all_creation - lj
Keywords: Simple and clean.
» hybridtrauma - lj
Keywords: Give me the strength to try.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: And you know that I need you.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: You and me could write a bad romance.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: Cause I've learned in laughter
or in pain how to survive » all_creation - lj
Keywords: Eeek.
» heygraphics - lj
Keywords: Patient and kind.
» wicked_visions - lj
Keywords: Best friends give piggy back rides.
» rabuicons - lj
Keywords: I've been looking in the mirror
for so long, » chocofeather - lj
Keywords: You get me when nobody understands.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: I don't care what they're sayin'
As long as I'm your girl. » chocofeather -lj
Keywords: You saw the beauty in everything
everything and me. » chocofeather - lj
Keywords: And love is all that I need.
And I found it there in your heart. » chocofeather - lj
Keywords: I wanna hurt you just to hear
you screaming my name. » [info]yuna_braska
Keywords: I feel like a monster.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: You bring out every side of me.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: She will be loved.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: You're always there.
» chocofeather - lj
Keywords: Unspoken fears.
» Unknown.
Keywords: Blarg dead! BLARG DEAD.
» windhimme - lj.
Keywords: Ichigo! Ichigo!
» windhimme - lj.
Keywords: It's time for me to face it.
» windhimme - lj.
Keywords: We have fallen again tonight?
» windhimme - lj.
Keywords: When faith and fear collide.
» windhimme - lj.
Keywords: I am both defendant and judge.
» windhimme - lj.

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