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aussierose53 ([info]aussierose53) wrote in [info]addme25_andup,
@ 2008-04-12 17:14:00

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Current mood: cheerful

Hello..... Add ME! I Dare you :)
*link to your profile .... here
*age.... 54 years YOUNG!
*location..... Sydney, Australia
*some interests..... friendship, Reading, non-fiction, mysteries true and fiction, good movies, I'm a good listener.... I am stuck at home most days because I am disabled.... but the brain still works (I think).
*something quirky about yourself:   Quirky????? I wrote the book! :)
*favorite color......RED
*favorite food..... now I wanted this to be a shortish post.... but I like most food as long as it's tasty and not overally sweet. I do have a sweet tooth.... but I put on weight just by thinking of sweet food.
*anything else you think we want to know...... I have Multiple Sclerosis..... but it doesn't have me! I was a Registered Nurse for 30 years and I have had lots of bad experiences in my last 2 jobs. I have bad days.... but I do have good ones and I'd really love some good older friends to share the good and the bad with .

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