кєι ❤ тιмe ѕтαɴdѕ ѕтιll
07 January 2011 @ 10:58 pm
Here is your voting for Theme 139: I...! We got 9 beautiful icons, great job! [info]kiokushitaka should have your new theme up shortly.

I just can't wait to be king! )
記憶したか?// Bad Person™
07 January 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Maroon 5 - Misery
click for lyrics. )

→ DO NOT use text, tiny text, or anything that can be misconstrued for text.
→ Use at least two consecutive lyrics that inspired each of your icon(s).
→ Include the image URL, character, series, and lyrics that inspired your submission.
→ You may submit up to three icons.
→ Fanart is allowed.
→ Icons are due to this screened post by Friday, January 14th at 11PM EST
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