3/22/09 (6:12PM)

music : Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

If you'd like an invite to my new graphic community, [info]necroholic, please comment here!
Then check your community invites.

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2/10/09 (9:31AM)



Okay listen up, people!

This community will be on a hiatus (yes, again) for a while. Custom icons take a lot of my time up. I'm closing/giving up a few of my other communities as well.

So, if you'd like to still get some of my goodies, you can go to [info]above for all my other icons & graphics. I'll have a few custom orders there, also. They just won't be like the ones here.
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1/11/09 (2:26PM)

Okay taking requests for icons like this:

Comment with the following:
1. The color you want.
2. The picture you want in it.
3. Any text you want in it.
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12/12/08 (11:42AM)

We have 71 members & I'm barely getting any holiday icon requests! :[

What can I do to make you all more active?
Banners? Get better at graphics? Promote? Tell me!
Get your customized holiday icon here!
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12/7/08 (2:02PM)

It's that time of year! I'm making icons for the holidays!

If you'd like one, please comment with the following:
1. Pick a color: white, green, red, pink, blue, or "doesn't matter". You may ask for stripes, dots, vintage, etc also.
2. Would you like to be wearing a Santa hat? Or a red nose? Or would you like it to say something?
3. Post the picture you'd like to have edited.

- You may have as many as you like!! Happy Holidays!
Also, check out my non-custom graphics community, [info]above, for other holiday stuff!
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10/21/08 (9:35PM)

10 days til Halloween!

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