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Derpderp, bitches.
Amie returning with the fifth and final girl of my quartet clusterfuck of ladies.

This is Brody Rogers, junior in Beauregard. She hails from Seattle, has a gigantic family, she's obsessed with getting famous, she plays quodpot, and she kind of thinks she's better than you. But she probably won't be rude enough to say so. Unless you fuck with her. She also might have a little crush on Vinnie, but shut up.

Just some quickies;

✔ Despite being a little arrogant and pompous, she really is a good person, and treats you with respect/friendliness.. if you deserve it. Once again, we return to the don't fuck with Brody reminder. She will fuck your shit up.
✔ Brody is terrified of the dark. But I didn't tell you that. And Sunny better not tell you either!
✔ She hates herbology, but is forced into it by her parents. Herbology club members can expect to see her sitting quite impatiently through the meetings. Or just not showing up at all.
✔ She plays in a one woman band [she's too good to be held back by other people when it comes to the music], and refers to herself as The Brody Rogers Experience. She mostly just performs fifty dollar gigs at coffee houses on weekends.
✔ Attention is her BFF AAF.
✔ Art is her other BFF. Drawing is about the only artistic endeavor that she avoids, but she loves to sing, write, act, direct, etcetc.
✔ Bitch never throws out clothes. She's still bumming around campus in clothing she was wearing back in lower institute. Seriously.
✔ She needs glasses, but she hates that shit and REFUSES TO DIGNIFY THEM BY WEARING THEM. She is incredibly near sighted.
✔ She has two of her siblings up for play. One would technically be in the 13th grade though, so that would need to be hashed out with the mod-heads.

You can peruse her entire biography by going here, should you be so inclined.

I'm up for what the fuck ever, same as always. I need buddies, enemies, exes, future relations perhaps, and whatever else.. really, just give me something.


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