DC Heroes

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Two days after Batman's meeting with the Justice League, the Dark Knight returns to his headquarters and begins the nightly (or morning, rather) ritual of removing his armor and going over the night's work. The appearance of a new designer drug in Gotham has been his top priority, as well as keeping the family of a visiting diplomat out of harm's reach has taken up most of his attention. Robin has been doing the legwork of watching over the family, but Batman knows he will need to step in soon.

Meanwhile, he finds that the new Wayne Enterprises satellite is working as intended and he notes where Superman, Green Lantern and other members of the new Justice League are as they move about the planet. He couldn't allow this new group to operate unchecked, no matter how much he wanted to believe that Clark and the others would be able keep things in line. Rumors of the Justice League's return were being met overall with triumph, though there was hostility in other places. Across the world, media outlets vocally floated the idea that the time had come for every country to create their own Justice League to keep America from policing them even further.

Batman files away every scrap of information, knowing that it will all be necessary at some point. I

It always is.

Alfred arrives from upstairs, his polished shoes clacking softly against the stone of the steps as he arrives.

"Master Bruce, Princess Diana wishes to speak to you. Shall I send her down?" he asks.

Bruce grunts, and switches to something else on the computer screen.

"Very well. I'll send her down presently." Alfred says, returning the way he came.