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Calling Upon a Friend @ 09:38 pm


By the time the Justice League had first formed, J'onn had been on Earth nearly forty years.  During that time he had, by and large, operated in secret, invisibly, in-between operating in his human identities.  He had, briefly, assumed the identity of the Bronze Wraith and allied himself with the Justice Experience, before the untimely deaths of the others in that group.  But by and large, though he had been on Earth for a long time, the world of humans had still been strange and alien to him. 

It had taken the accidental exposure of his presence on Earth to start truly bringing him into the light.  The formation of the League, who had become his surrogate family, had been exactly what he had needed.

He had made friends in those days.  Barry Allen, drawn from their mutual work as policemen.  Hal Jordan, out of his respect for Alan Scott and Abin Sur.

And, of course, Arthur.  They had been the outsiders, the both of them, in those days.  J'onn, still seeking to understand humans, Arthur unused to the ways and demands of the surface world.  It had forged a friendship that, though strained at times, had endured throughout the long years.  When Arthur had lost his son, none had known his pain more than he.  When the League had all but disbanded, it had been J'onn, along with Zatanna and Ralph, who had stood with Arthur to forge it anew.

It was why Arthur, not unlike Bruce, continued to worry him.  Neither of his friends was the man J'onn had once known.  They were darker, harsher, quicker to judge and quicker to meet out harshness.  What had happened to the smiling Sea King who had happily called upon his "finny friends" in the cause of justice?  Had life truly worn his friend down so much?

Seeing the others again, reforming the League, had reminded J'onn of all of this.  It was for this reason, along with a humanitarian interest in seeing his old friend's new protectorate, the lead J'onn to plunge into the icy waters of the Pacific Ocean, gills growing in the sides of his neck as he shifted his physiology. 

He had called ahead, of course.