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Batman/Bruce Wayne ([info]thedarkknight) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
"Well, that's why I'm here." Bruce smiles. "Defense Secretary Gates wanted to call you, but I told him I'd rather deliver the news so I could fly out here and talk to you about that and another business venture I have in mind.

Yes, Ferris Air is getting the contact, Carol. Your operation might be smaller than LexAir, but Ferris Air also hasn't been cited for any violations of FAA regulations or unethical business practices as the new LuthorCorp is under investigation for." Bruce tells her.

"I have reason to believe that charity event we attended a few months ago had its funds siphoned off by a shell company owned by LuthorCorp. I can't /prove/ it, but I've had the matter investigated thoroughly." Bruce says.

"But I thought taking you out for lunch would be the best way to tell you." he smiles.

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