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March 9th, 2012

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04:07 pm - Just getting started

The companion group at Flickr already has 224 members, so we seem to be off to a good start, there. A few frustrations - I've had a few people persist in submitting photos taken during the twilight hours, despite clearly stated rules that are there, because they define the group, but nothing that we couldn't get past. They were good photos,  for the most part, some of which I added to my favorites, but they just weren't a good fit for the group.

I'll reprint those rules for this community.

1. Honor the truth of this worn-out cliche: "leading writers or photographers is like herding cats" - this works well for Mensans, Mathematicians, members of my old Shul, and a large number of other groups, as well.

While we expect people to be civil and stay on-topic, we're not in love with the concept of online vigilanteism. If somebody gets out of line, get in touch with the modstaff, and let us take care of it. Understand that this is a writing group in addition to being a photography group, and so requests to impose any sort of political correctness on the group will be considered out of bounds.

Stay within the TOS and the law, avoid things that really are hate - eg. expressions of support for the Nazis or the KKK - and you should be fine.

2. Stay on topic. All photographs must be taken when the sun is fully below the horizon and no light from it would be seen, were the sky clear - after dusk is over and before dawn has begun. All stories must take place entirely during that time.

That could be read as a requirement that the events of a story take place in a single night, which probably would usually be the easiest approach, but that's not a necessity. Just don't have any action taking place during the day.

3. If the photo has obviously not been taken inside of a city, then it shouldn't be in the pool for this group.

4. No playing lawyer. The spirit of the rules is what counts, not the letter. Common sense overrides all rules.


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