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occultus_mod ([info]occultus_mod) wrote in [info]occultus,
@ 2011-11-17 12:56:00

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Entry tags:!daily prophet

17TH NOV. 1998 • The Wizarding World's Beguiling Broadsheet of Choice • 5 κ
By Rita Skeeter
The four individuals that attacked the Halloween Festival - Brendan Maddock, Archibold Dorkins, Morgan Moonshine and Wendy Weatherby - have all been sentenced this morning to Azkaban for fifteen years. Their motives were still unclear as to why they attacked the Festival but it has been suggested that it is connected to Mr Maddock's, a Muggleborn, firing from the Ministry in late June.

However, rumours are still circulating that it was an attack planned by the secretive group known as The Order of the Phoenix - regardless of the fact none of the attacking group made claims to being members of said group. One member of the public, who wished to remain anonymous, said that if the Order was such a problem why don't the Ministry outlaw becoming a member?

A known member of the Order, Benjy Fenwick, replied that the idea of outlawing becoming a member of the Order was going against the right to have free choice and to have an opinion. "There is no evidence that suggests the attack was organised by the Order," Mr Fenwick said as he exited the Leaky Cauldron after a light lunch on Tuesday. "The Order is a peaceful organisation that just want the Ministry to reform some of their laws so everyone is treated equally. Throwing us in Azkaban just because we don't agree with the current Ministry is going against every right we have to have an opinion."

34 9 ♦ 21 5 107
No word has come from the Ministry as of yet in regards to their opinion on the debate over whether the Order is behind the attack or not. However, the Daily Prophet will keep you posted as soon as any news breaks.

In other news, the Quidditch Season is set to start again this weekend however a few teams have taken the two week break as an opportunity to change their starting line-ups.

Tutshill Tornados Captain, Jameson Doderidge, has been forced to bow out early this season due to a neck injury he sustained during the last match before the break. Doderidge was set to move on to the American League at the end of the season with his contract at Tutshill ending - however, with this injury his move looks in doubt.

Replacing the injured Doderidge is former Falmouth Falcons Captain and Irish National contender, Christian Delaney. Delaney had already signed a contract to replace Doderidge at the end of the season, however, with the Chaser's injury, Falmouth released Delaney early to fill the hole in the Tutshill line-up.

Replacing Delaney in the Chasers line-up for Falmouth is former Woolongong Warriors player, Dominic Montague, who recently returned from playing a victorious season in the Australian League. Montague joined the Falcons as a Reserve Chaser in the first week of November. No word from the Falmouth camp as to who will take Delaney's Captain armband as of yet.


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