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Tim Gunn's Fashion [03 Aug 2008|05:10pm]
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Project Runway's fiercest judge Tim Gunn is sounding off on celebrity style, from Sarah Jessica Parker to Madonna.

In an interview airing tonight, the fashion guru tells Extra which stars he thinks has the best and worst fashion sense.

"I love Sarah Jessica Parker because she is a risk taker," he says. "Sometimes it's not quite right, but when she gets it right, she is like a symphony."

Gunn has a different message for Madonna, saying, "If you want to dress to feel as though you never got out of bed, Madonna, don't get out of bed." Gunn admits he is disappointed with the Material Girl's fashion choices joking, "She was a fashion icon. I'm blaming Kabbalah."

When it comes to newly divorced Christie Brinkley's courtroom outfits, Gunn says, "She knows what will look good and she accepts responsibility for that and owns her look."

So which celebrity makes the top of Tim Gunn's best dressed list?

"The person who never disappoints in my view is Angelina Jolie," he says. "She is always occasion appropriate. She is always sophisticated and polished looking."

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