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September 20th, 2009

lol bandwagon [Sep. 20th, 2009|08:40 pm]


Now that the bandwagon has passed by and left everyone in the dust what sort of mods would we be not to rehash that pain and suffering? Why, completely terrible ones. So, because we adore every last one of you we are going to declare here that if anyone still has questions tucked away then there is always a chance! Posts can be found easily for your viewing pleasure in the list provided. There's always those queries at the back of everyone's mind. If you don't have what you want to ask already planned then don't feel the need to fret~

Just go make the mun cry by adding it into their growing lists ♥

Sad muns and their lists:
- Aburame Shino
- Deidara
- Haku
- Haruno Sakura
- Houzuki Suigetsu
- Hyuuga Neji
- Inuzuka Kiba
- Karin
- Nara Shikamaru
- Rock Lee
- Sabaku Gaara
- Temari
- Tenten
- Uchiha Itachi
- Uchiha Sasuke
- Uzumaki Naruto
- Yamanaka Ino
- Zetsu

This is not a complete list of everyone in the community as it is not mandatory. But for those without them? More than free to post one now or never. All up to you. Really, you don't have to do it.

We'll just love you a little less.

LS Mods

EDIT: As of o9.23.09 this is mandatory. Make a post regarding your character in your journal so that questions can be made about them at any time and reply back here with the link. ♥
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