FULL NAME: Eric Jordan Stone
DATE OF BIRTH & AGE: October 1 & 28
PLACE OF BIRTH: Wildemont, England
SPECIES: Werewolf
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
STATUS: Married

WIFE: Jeyne Stone
CHILDREN: Dawson Stone (10) and Alys (7)
PARENTS: Matthew and Emily Stone
SIBLINGS: Older brother (open), younger sister (open), younger sister (open)


Eric was born the second eldest of four children to Matthew and Emily Stone. The Stone Family were well known throughout the town of Wildemont, but not for any wealth or social status. His father a carpenter and his mother a housewife, they had just enough to provide for their family. What they lacked in money they made up for in love. Matthew and Emily taught their children it was best to give to their neighbors and support them in anyway they needed. They went to church every week and studied the scriptures on a nightly basis. The family was tight-knit and the Stone siblings were well-behaved. They seemed to have the makings of an average family, but there was one bump in the road that gave their lives character, and that was Eric's fascination with the supernatural.

Eric always enjoyed listening to his family's stories around the fire, especially when his uncle would join them for dinner. His uncle told the children of "creatures of the night" and often recounted tales of werewolves. Matthew scolded his brother for telling his children these stories, passing them off as pointless fables that distracted listeners from the truth of God. But still, his uncle persisted in telling these stories and Eric latched feverishly onto every word. He was incredibly fascinated by the fact that a person could shift into a wolf at the full moon. Night was always a mysterious time, but to live by the night... well, such an idea gave Eric goosebumps.

Time went on and Eric began living a life on his own. He still resided in Wildemont, but he married Jeyne, his childhood sweetheart. They had two children together and told each other everything. It seemed like a fairytale to Eric for the first ten years of their marriage. She had the patience of a saint and did not mind the fact her husband could sometimes be stubborn. They would receive the biggest test as a family in the summer of 1220, when the werewolf attacks began on the town of Wildemont. Children and adults both perished at the claws of an uknown beast. Jeyne joined the circle of hunters, leaving Eric to tend to the children. She was the better hunter of the two, but he kept a blade handy at home in case of any attacks while she was gone. But he did not count on an attack outside of the home.

He sold vegetables and fruits of his labor all throughout the region and neighboring towns. It was not unusual for him to have long days on the road while selling his crops. One night, on his way back from out of town, he ran into a crew of thieves. They threw him from his horse and attempted to steal all that he had, but their mission came to a bloody halt when a beast emerged from the bushes. A large wolf attacked the crew and came at Eric. The beast managed one bite and a few scratches before Eric ran for his life. By the time he returned home, the wounds had healed, making Eric wonder if they were even there from the start. Was he dreaming it all up?

He told his wife about the attempted robbery and mentioned the attack, but passed it off as nothing to worry about. He seemed to go without a scratch, or so he thought, and that was all that mattered. They were safe. Nearly a month had passed and Eric's life changed with August's full moon. He woke up in a forest, with no clothes and specs of blood all over his body. Judging by his lack of clothes and gory environment, Eric thought he was mugged by a gang of thieves again while riding home from the marketplace. What he did not know was that, on the night of the full moon, he shifted into a beast much similar to the one that attacked him. He was a werewolf and he would soon find that out.

« Somebody help me tame this animal I have become!


His beloved wife. He adores her and the two children they have together. He shares everything with her, except this new werewolf thing. ...He's working on that.

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THREAD: Third person, storybook format.
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PLAYED BY: Craig Horner