the arenas

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An arena is the designated combat area for participants. Each arena exists in a space separate from the housing facilities. Combatants are brought to the arenas with a near-instantaneous transport technology: one moment they're in the housing facility, the next, in the arena prep area. After each arena game is played out and televised, a simulation duplicate is made for future use at the training center. The following information will be provided for each arena:
THE ARENA. The name of the arena.
FANDOM. The canon the arena has been chosen from.

OBJECTIVE. The goal of the arena, what must be done for participants to win.
INCENTIVES. Incentives for participation and for achieving the objective.

THE LAYOUT. What the physical arena looks like.

THE ITEMS. What items can be found in the arena and if they can be kept after the game.

THE CHALLENGES. What players could expect from the arena and any opponents.

DAMAGE LIMITS. Limitations to damages received in the arena and their effects during and after.
An announcement will be made to inform players of the arena planned for the month. This post will be made in the middle of the month in the OOC comm to facilitate plotting and collaboration. The announcement will include a short preview of the arena coming after this one. It will also include a warning list for any players who must participate. As detailed in the FAQs, if your character skips two arenas, they must participate in two back-to-back thereafter. This assures that players utilize the arenas without requiring participation for every character every single month.

Any past arena will have the objective replaced with the victory, stating the goal of the arena during its televised run and the names of any victors. Past arenas can be used as training simulations. As such, the damage limits are player chosen but the maximum training setting will obviously be significantly lower than the higher arena limits. Also any items are simulated, not real, and therefore cannot be kept or otherwise claimed.