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Please take note that these dates are not set in stone! They are merely things we'd like to see happen throughout the course of the game, but things will deviate. Most of the dates are canon, but as we get toward the end of Eclipse/middle-end of 2006, the dates have been shifted. More will be added as we come up with things, but we don't want to give away all of the plot details all at once! Most of the dates in the 2007 mark will likely be changed as the game goes along, but we wanted to be sure to at least have them here.

January 18th 2005 - Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington.

March 16th 2005 - Bella is almost murdered by James. He unknowingly survives their murder attempts in their rush to get Bella to the hospital.

September 13th 2005 - Jasper tries to attack Bella at her birthday party.
September 16th 2005 - The Cullens leave Forks, Washington.

January 16th 2006 - Bella figures out that she can hear Edward's voice if she risks her life.

February 20th 2006 - Jacob starts the transition into becoming a werewolf.

March 4th 2006 - Bella and Laurent come face to face in the meadow. Five wolves appear and kill him.
March 11th 2006 - Jacob goes into Bella's room at night to apologize.
March 12th 2006 - Bella realizes Jacob is a werewolf.
March 16th 2006 - Bella jumps off of a cliff. Harry Clearwater dies. Alice returns to Forks.
March 18th 2006 - Alice and Bella race to Italy to stop Edward from exposing himself as a vampire.
March 20th 2006 - Bella prevents Edward from killing himself. The Volturi demand that Bella be turned into a vampire.
March 21st 2006 - Bella puts her mortality to a vote.
March 22nd 2006 - Edward agrees to change Bella if she will marry him first.

April 7th 2006 - Jacob confronts Edward about the treaty.

May 17th 2006 - Alice has a vision of Victoria.
May 18th 2006 - Bella and Edward leave for Florida.
May 19th 2006 - The Cullens and Wolves get into an argument about the boundary line while chasing Victoria.
May 20th 2006 - Bella and Edward return home from Florida.
May 21st 2006 - Jacob confronts them in front of school and tells Bella that Victoria was in the area.
May 25th 2006 - Edward goes hunting. Bella escapes to La Push and Jacob tells her about Victoria and imprinting.

June 2nd 2006 - An unknown vampire, Riley Biers, has been in Bella's room.
June 3rd 2006 - Jacob investigates Bella's room. Bella goes to the bonfire with him at La Push and learns about the Third Wife.
June 5th 2006 - Jasper tells Bella his story.
June 11th 2006 - Bella graduates from high school. Wolves make an alliance with the Cullens. Wolves meet in the forest with the Cullens to train for the fight. Jacob and Edward work out a plan to secure Bella's safety. Bella requests that Edward sit out on the fight.
June 12th 2006 - Bella learns that Leah Clearwater is a wolf.
June 13th 2006 - Bella and Edward are officially engaged.

July 2006 - Preparing for the upcoming battle.

August 21st 2006 - First newborn battle. Victoria retreats early before her numbers are completely destroyed.

September-October - Preparing for another fight. Bella's birthday passes. Trying to live life as normally as possible.

November 6th 2006 - Newborn battle in the field. Victoria and Riley escape while James keeps track of them from afar. Volturi arrive to clean up the 'mess,' and remind the Cullens about the order to take away Bella's humanity.

January 1st 2007 - New year begins.
January 5th-9th 2007 - Coat and jacket drive.
January 10th 2007 - Alice sees Aro's decision to send a few Guard members to Forks.
January 11th 2007 - Victoria relocates.
January 11th-17th 2007 - Volturi Guard members in Forks.
January 13th 2007 - Friday the 13th.
January 19th 2007 - Student from Port Angeles reported missing.
January 20th 2007 - Posters put up for missing student.
January 24th 2007 - New flu bug circulating.
January 26th-28th 2007 - Severe snowstorm in Forks will leave parts of the city without power.
January 29th 2007 - Attempted robbery at a local bank.

February 3rd-7th 2007 - Heavy rain/snow.
February 4th 2007 - Snowman making contest! Come out between 9am and 4pm and show off your skills! The local newspaper will be sponsoring the event and all support and donations will go towards finding any lost kids and helping runaways find new homes.
February 12th 2007 - Love Day event hosted by Emily Young. It will be a day to create gifts and crafts for that special someone at the local community college. Emily will be available to help in any way she is able to!
February 13th-24th 2007 - Food drive. Please drop off food that does not perish quickly at any grocery store, police department, post office, or bank. It's for a good cause so please be sure to stop on by!
February 14th 2007 - Happy Valentine's Day!
February 17th 2007 - The gym of Forks High School will be flooded by a pipe seemingly exploding. In reality, one of the newborns in the area was the cause of it while searching for someone to feed upon. Being that it was at 3:00 in the morning, there was no one in the school to witness the event.
February 18th 2007 - Bella and Edward's wedding.
February 18th 2007 - The Volturi will appear toward the end of the reception, should they so desire, to personally pay their congratulations. Aro's decision will be very last minute, as he allows for one of his Guard to make the initial decision for him.
February 18th-March 3rd 2007 - Bella and Edward's honeymoon.
February 25th 2007 - After catching an unfamiliar scent near the treaty line, the Cullens alert the wolves of what's going on. The Cullens/Denalis join forces with them and trail the scent on either side of the treaty line. A member of the Denali coven, being somewhat unfamiliar with the specifics of where the crossover is, will cross over onto the Quileute land and chaos ensues among them.
February 26th 2007 - Another missing person.
February 27th 2007 - A nomadic vampire who is still quite young and does not yet know the ways or laws of the vampire world wanders into Volterra by mistake.
February 28th 2007 - Victoria begins to seek out assistance to help Riley in creating a new newborn army.
February 29th 2007 - Happy Leap Year! To celebrate, stores all over the United States will begin sending out flyers to advertise for a special sale. Ladies in the Washington area, now is the time to get your prom dress!

March 1st 2007 - Jacob imprints on June Richardson.
March 4th 2007 - During a situation with another newborn, Seth Clearwater will find himself in a precarious situation. The Cullens will respond with Jasper and then Rosalie among the first the arrive to the scene and consequently save him from death. The wolves owe the Cullens. Victoria sent the newborn in their direction in order to distract them enough so that she may relocate once more to keep them off of her trail.
March 5th 2007 - Bella discovers she's pregnant.
March 6th 2007 - Bella and Edward return to Forks.
March 7th 2007 - Denali coven decide to stay in a hotel nearby Forks to keep nearby their cousins in case they are needed, but otherwise do not wish to crowd the home with everything that is going on.
March 9th 2007 - A few human girls have a sleepover and one goes missing when running out to the store to get boxed cake mix. Police Chief Swan is alerted immediately and search parties are sent out the following morning.
March 10th 2007 - Egyptian and Irish covens run into one another in Spain. Both have heard stories of the Volturi's involvement with the Cullens and their interests are piqued. They make plans to meet up again in Ireland to discuss the matter further about what this could potentially mean.
March 11th 2007 - Bonfire in La Push.
March 11th 2007 - Craft sale in La Push to benefit the local college scholarship.
March 14th 2007 - Fetus begins to rapidly decline Bella's health.
March 17th 2007 - Meetup in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day with the Irish and Egyptian covens.
March 19th 2007 - Ten days after she went missing, Charlie Swan receives a tip from someone who may have seen something suspicious and the missing sleepover girl is found and returned home to her parents.
March 22nd 2007 - Carlisle discovers the fetus is too incompatible with Bella's body, and has no choice but to remove it. During the procedure, Bella flat lines and Edward has no choice but to inject his venom into her right then and there. The creature she was pregnant attacks anyone near it, and ultimately must be destroyed due to its violent and vicious nature.
March 22nd 2007 - Sam mandates that his pack not go onto Cullen land or interact with them.
March 22nd 2007 - Jacob breaks off into his own wolf pack.
March 23rd-25th 2007 - A circus is passing through the town for the weekend. The tiger will get loose on Friday evening, only to be caught by its trainer many hours later on Saturday morning.
March 24th 2007 - Bella awakens as a vampire.
March 28th 2007 - While going out upon Aro's request, an NPC member of the Volturi winds up dead in Rome. Word quickly reaches back to the ears of the Volturi and the Guard is put on an even higher alert.
March 31st 2007 - Animal attack on a local hiker. At first the supernatural world believes it to be the job of another vampire, but in reality it's actually a true animal attack.

Volturi is actively seeking out help to bring down the Cullens, as they believe they pose a large threat.
James makes himself known to Riley.