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Victoria's attack may not have gone according to plan, but at least she was able to escape from her failure before she went down with the rest of the army she had built. Her and Riley fled into seclusion, figuring that all they needed was a little bit of time to rethink things through, to make sure their next plan was foolproof. And this time she is intent enough in her ambitions that newborns will not be her first choice of an army.

Unbeknownst to her, James was never truly killed in the fire. The Cullens had to rush to get Bella to a hospital and a nomadic vampire, one with a distant relation to the Cullens, clearly had other plans. She resurrected his limbs from the ashes, able to save the majority of his remains before he burned to death. The woman made herself scarce after doing so as she was careful not to allow James to witness her existence. But she too has a bone to pick with the Cullen coven. James spent the months biding his time, and watching Victoria's actions from afar, amused by the lengths she would go to to avenge his murder. He even went so far as to track Alice, Bella and Edward all the way to Italy, keeping his distance all the while.

Victoria is on the verge of declaring another war on the coven she hates, James is planning to join her in her attempts in the near future, and the Volturi have their own threats to contend with. With a Guard member showing up dead and other signs and attacks being tossed their way, there is one thing that is clear: someone is out to overthrow the Volturi.

Now that a war is about to begin, what side will you choose?

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the game on
Nope! It's just a nice place to host our pages on since they don't show up in entries like on IJ! The game itself is definitely on InsaneJournal though!

What is the name of the game?
Eternal Damnation. "So eager for eternal damnation." - Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 24, p.546.

What year is it in the game?
2007. We'll be following real time, just in the year of 2007. Modern music, television programs, movies may be used to keep things as simple on us as possible. Let's just try to stay away from political things though, please!

Will Renesmee be coming into play?
Nope, not at all. We enjoyed Breaking Dawn, but not so much the hybrid spawn of Bella and Edward. This may be altered at a later date should all players want for it to occur.

Okay, what's going on with Victoria, James, and the Newborn Army?
Victoria and Riley managed to flee the original battle that was set during Eclipse before Edward and Seth could kill them. James was essentially saved before he was completely burned in the fire, by a vampire who was keen on ending the Cullen line. It is believed to be the work of a volatile female who fled from the scene as soon as he was well. The more people out to destroy the Cullens, the better in her eyes. After all, they have something that she desires. As for the Newborn Army, the one that was in the book (Freaky Fred, Bree, Raoul) were killed during the attack. Victoria and Riley were the only two to escape.

So what are Victoria and Riley doing?
Regrouping. They are slowly rebuilding an army, which will give players the opportunity to play a newborn OC once the time comes. Just please be aware that should you go this route once the opportunity comes, that they more than likely will be killed later on. The army will not be made in the same fashion as the last one. This time, she will be recruiting vampire who are no longer in the frenzied newborn stage, but not quite out of it either. She will only be creating newborns for sport and to throw the Cullens and everyone else off. Her goal is to overthrow them.

Do I have to have read all of the books, or will just the movies suffice?
In short, yes you have to have read the books. The movies obviously leave out quite a bit of information that are needed to properly convey a certain character. Just the movies will not suffice.

Do we have to follow the timeline exactly?
Nope! In fact, we're kind of hoping that most things change! We're eager for you to take a creative look on all of the things we've listed out thus far. The timeline is not an outline, it's just a way for us all to keep track of past events and other ones we eventually want to fit in there. We'll change the dates accordingly!

Why have some of the dates changed from the books?
It's so we can sort of drag it out a bit longer, and have it happening more closely to the date we are at now so it isn't so far in the past.

Do all canon pairings need to be followed?
Definitely. The main ones, at least. Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, etc.

Do I have to use the movie actor as my PB?
Yes and no. For the main three characters, the movie PB is required. For secondary main characters, such as the rest of the Cullens, the movie PBs are encouraged. For others, the movie PBs are preferred but not enforced. Please feel free to let us know if you need help with a PB - we're always willing to help!

What about original characters?
At this time, they will not be permitted but they will probably be opened up once we get enough of our canons cast! We will have a limited number of them available for play! Please see the rules for more information!

How do the journals work, exactly?
Simple! They function as any online journal system would, but it is not IJ or LJ or anything of that nature. It's just an online journal, and you can post on it from your computer or from your phone. Icons do not exist to your character as they are simply for our enjoyment. And please refrain from using too many smiley faces!

Can strike throughs be read?
Nope, strike throughs are to be seen as something deleted but they're mostly for our amusement as players.

The Vampires
"All vampires must protect the secret of their existence."
Vampire Law:
Vampires must be careful in their hunting so that humans do not become aware of their species. If a human becomes aware, it is up to the vampire that gave them the knowledge of the vampire world in the first place to silence that human. Most human-vampire interactions go unnoticed by the Volturi, but should something indicative and suspicious enough garner attention, such as vampire activity in the news, the Volturi will hunt down these claims.

Vampire laws are passed down, but not in written form. Each creator is responsible for their newborn and the actions carried out by said newborn. If a newborn is abandoned, the new vampire will still be held accountable for any negative actions despite not being aware of the law.

Immortal children are prohibited from being created. These are toddlers who are changed into a vampire at an early age when it is impossible to control your strength and thirst.

Vampire Myths:
The Volturi created many myths to disguise their existence.
Myths that the Volturi created:
- Vampires are burned by the sun.
- Vampires are always unconscious during daylight hours.
- Vampires have no reflection.
- Vampires can be harmed by garlic, holy water, and crosses.
- Vampires have visible fangs.
- Vampires can assume the form of a bat.
- Vampires must have permission to enter a house.
- Vampires can be killed by a wooden stake stabbed through their hearts.

Truths the Volturi were able to eradicate over time:
- Vampires have red or black eyes. (Gold wasn't known at the time.)
- Vampires reflect sun prismatically.
- Vampires never sleep.
- Vampires are nearly indestructible.

Truths the Volturi were unable to squash:
- Vampires are flammable.
- Vampires are pale.
- Vampires drink blood.
- Vampires are beautiful.
- Vampires are immortal.

Vampire Transformation:
It can take anywhere from 2-3 days for the transformation to be made complete. This depends on how much venom enters the bloodstream and how close to the heart it is. The pain is indescribable and there is nothing to dull this pain. The only thing that may be done is to still the body with some form of drug in which the body will not thrash. The venom has to work its way through the entire system until all of the blood is burned into the venom and it takes over the heart to finally still it. Venom moves slower because it is thicker than blood and has to saturate every cell before one can wake as a vampire.

The eyes will be bright red in color due to the blood from their human transformation still leftover in their system. All attributes are enhanced and frozen in time. If a vampire loved sports as a human, they will love it now and perhaps be more obsessed. Vampires carry over their most notable personality trait as well and some even wind up with an ability as a direct result. For example, Jasper had a way of controlling a situation and his ability as a vampire is to control the mood around him. Powers are rare, but not unheard of and each are a varying degree of how useful they are.

Hair and fingernails no longer grow if cut off, but if a limb is torn off it may be reattached by means of venom which will act as an adhesive. The venom now acts as a saliva and also coats the eye so it is able to move around. Venom is very flammable though, which is why a vampire may be burned in order to be killed. It is necessary to rip the body completely apart and to then burn it in order to effectively kill a vampire.

Because newborns still have their human blood in their systems, they are physically stronger than even an older vampire. But they are still in a frenzy and their thirst for blood usually overcomes any other desire apart from love when you find your mate. They are typically violent and uncontrollable, though there are the exceptions.

Vampire Reproduction and Hybrids:
Out of the thousands of vampires on the planet, there are only five known hybrids in existence, and these five all originated from only two sources. Male vampires have the capacity to pass on genetic material with a human female partner, though this is incredibly rare. It is beyond the ability of most vampires to be so close to a human physically and still resist the lure of her blood. Also, vampires are so much stronger than humans that any loss of self-control at such close proximity can quickly lead to mortal injury to the human.

Female vampires still carry ova that is similar to that of a human's, but vampires are in an unchanging form which makes it impossible for a female vampire to reproduce as they are frozen in time. This results in the loss of a menstrual cycle. Even if the female vampire could have a period, her body would still be unchanging and therefore make it impossible to accommodate room for a fetus. The male vampire's body, however, requires little to no change to produce sperm. It carries a different chromosome count though, which results in the creation of a hybrid. The venom takes place of the blood, therefore making sex possible in the first place. In male vampires, the venom takes on a form so similar to seminal fluid that can bond with a human ovum, making possible the creation of a human-vampire hybrid. The underlying biochemistry and physiology is currently unknown. The semen-venom fluid is different than that found in the fangs of the vampire, and can therefore not change the human into a vampire simply by engaging in sex.

A hybrid is the product of a female human and a male vampire. They have human and vampire traits. They are much stronger and faster than humans, with sharper senses, but not as strong, fast, or sharp as a pure vampire. But they are strong enough that human females are rarely able to survive the pregnancy, no matter how short-lived it is. Even the fetus moving causes harm to the mother carrying the child. If the pregnancy is survived by the mother, the birth will not be. Either way the woman will perish. The usual method of delivery for a hybrid is for the hybrid to make her own escape from the womb. The hybrid must utilize her teeth, which have more in common with vampire teeth than human teeth, to pierce the amniotic sac which is almost as strong as vampire skin. Because of how traumatic this is to the human body, it is impossible to survive. Only vampire venom can heal the injuries and transform the mother into a vampire, though even this can be rare as the mothers for the original hybrids never lived.

A hybrid's skin is almost as durable as a vampire's, but it does not have the same prismatic reaction to sunlight. Hybrids can also have supernatural abilities, though not all do. Like humans, hybrids have a circulatory system and are warm-blooded. They can eat solid food, but generally find blood more appealing. They may also sleep. Their eyes come in the usual range of human colors, and do not change in response to what food, or lack thereof that they eat. In the first few years of their lives, hybrids grow and change like humans do, though at an extremely accelerated pace. After roughly seven years, the hybrid reaches physical adulthood and settles into the same unchanging state and conditional immortality that vampires enjoy. The hybrid mind develops much faster than the physical body; a hybrid has the mental capacity of an adult human by the time of her birth. Hybrids learn quickly to communicate with their caretakers, picking up their first language mere weeks after birth. This capacity for physical and mental maturation is what sets the hybrid apart from the immortal child, as an immortal child is a toddler who was changed early.

Other Information:
- Once a vampire falls in love, it mates for life and that feeling never fades.
- The most popular way of life for a vampire is nomadic, for most move frequently.
- Larger covens are less stable and usually end due to violence internally.
- Another way to bond a coven outside of love is ambition. It's the pursuit of power.
- The rarest form of bonding is their conscience. Vampires who live and bond this way are referred to as 'vegetarians' as they do not feed on humans.
- Vampires feel cool to the human touch, for their senses are rather dull. To another vampire, the temperature of their skin feels normal.

The Wolves/Shape-Shifters
"It is against pack law for any werewolf to kill the object of another werewolf's imprinting."
Not all members of the Quileute tribe are capable of transforming into wolves, as only those who can directly trace their bloodlines back to the very first shape-shifter, Taha Aki, are born with the gene to potentially transform. If a descendant of Taha Aki, they are born with twenty-four chromosomal pairs instead of the normal twenty-three. It used to be believed that the extra chromosomal pair could only be passed down to the males but that theory was proven false once Leah Clearwater phased. The first time they phase is between the onset of puberty and the age of twenty-five. It is based upon two factors: their heritage and how close/how many vampires are in their proximity. This extra chromosome will not have any effect on the carrier if he or she is not in close proximity to vampires during all or part of the critical time between the onset of puberty and the age of twenty-five. If the potential werewolf is not exposed to vampires within this window of time, transformation will never occur. It is the scent of the vampire that triggers the reaction; a potential werewolf would not have to actually see or touch a vampire, only cross his scent.

Signs that a male is about to phase for the first time include a spike in their height and increased muscle mass. For the female wolf, the signs are not as noticeable for she will not gain height or weight, but become more toned. In both genders, their body temperature will rise above what it should be for a normal human, and they will undergo sudden mood swings and bouts of uncontrollable rage. During these moments of rage if the wolf is close to transforming, their body will undergo shaking.

Phasing is triggered by rage and can happen in a matter of seconds. Every initial phase is triggered by rage and anger, but eventually become easier to control as time goes on. There is no gradual shift, no in-between form where the werewolf appears to be a mix of human and animal. Because the wolf has more than four times the mass of the human, to an observer the change looks explosive as the human expands to the size of the wolf. This impression can be intensified if the werewolf did not have time to remove his clothes before phasing; the clothes rip apart from the pressure of the expansion, adding a tearing sound to the otherwise soundless transformation.

Standing too close to a young werewolf could result in great injury for whoever is nearby. Once they gain more control over their transformations, they may even have enough time to take their clothes off before destroyed. Most opt to tie the clothes to their ankle for safe keeping.

Though similar to average wolves, they are a great deal larger. Their teeth are strong enough to rip into a vampire's skin, and they can run as fast as a vampire would. They have incredible strength both in their wolf and human forms, but their human form is no match for a vampire. The length of their hair effects the length of their fur. They can communicate telepathically with other members of the pack and have advanced healing in both wolf and human form.

Once a werewolf transforms, his aging speeds up until he reaches the age of maturity, roughly twenty-five. At this point, as long as he continues to phase, he remains at that age. It‘s possible that a werewolf could choose to live this way forever and enjoy the same limited immortality as a vampire, but most Quileute werewolves give up phasing in order to grow old and die alongside their family and friends. Once a werewolf gives up phasing altogether, he slowly begins to age again until his aging reaches the normal human speed.

For the female wolves, the menstrual cycle is halted.

Some believe that imprinting ensures the passing on of the werewolf gene; others believe that imprinting happens to produce larger, stronger wolves in the next generation. The werewolves do not know the answer for certain.

Imprinting may only occur after the werewolf's first initial phasing when they see that particular human for the first time. If the wolf doesn't have the imprinting reaction the first time after seeing them, it will never occur. It happens in a split second and he (or she) will be forever changed. From the second he sees the object of his imprinting, he will do anything to please and protect her. All other commitments in his life become secondary, even his commitment to the pack.

The relationship between the imprinting werewolf and the human imprinted upon is one of total acceptance and support on the werewolf‘s part. No matter the age or living conditions of the human, the werewolf automatically becomes whatever the human wants him to be, at the loss of his personal free will. If the human is young, the werewolf becomes the perfect platonic playmate and protector. As the human ages and changes, the werewolf instinctively switches roles to fulfill the human‘s needs. It is against pack law for any werewolf to kill the object of another werewolf‘s imprinting. Such an act would be devastating not only to the wolf who suffered the loss, but to the entire pack. Given the telepathic ability of the pack, each pack member would suffer the pain of the wolf whose mate had been killed. Even if the death of a wolf‘s mate was an accident, the two wolves involved would fight to the death.

All information is copyright to Stephenie Meyer, "The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide" and the Twilight wikia pages. Some has been paraphrased while others have not been. This is simply for informational purposes so all of our players have a place to easily access the basic information on the vampires and wolves. For roleplay purposes only. No copyright fringement intended.