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1. We're not here to let you criticize us. We understand it's the "cool fad" to hate on Twilight, and to each their own. But we will not tolerate disrespect. We are writers who want to have a good time here and don't believe it should be infringed upon due to others desires to appear "cool" to their friends. Please grow up and learn to accept we all have different likes and dislikes. We want nothing but the best for this community and our players. We want you to feel free to be yourself here and enjoy what you're writing.
1A. Bullying will not be tolerated on any level. If you are explicitly rude to another player and we have evidence of such, we will promptly remove you from the game. Be it the internet or not, bullying is still bullying. Be bitchy elsewhere. With that being said, please refrain from harassing others via anonymous comments/communities. You don't like it when it's done to you, so please respect others in the same way you want to be respected.

1B. Please keep OOC out of IC and vice versa.
2. The required activity level will be twice a month in the form of either a journal entry or thread. For it to be considered as something to count toward the activity check, there must be interaction. For instance, if you post a journal entry for your character (if it's a private entry to your character, then disregard this!) and other characters reply to it, you must respond back to them. For threads, please be sure that each person has at least four replies in the thread to be counted. Games thrive on interaction, not posting and then performing a disappearing act.

3. Please be sure to tag all of your threads with your character's first name. If it is a repeat name, please add in their surname as well.

4. Though the plot of the game is somewhat AU, your characters should not be. Jacob will not magically fall in love with Leah or Jessica Stanley, and it's highly unlikely that Emmett will leave Rosalie to pursue Bella. Point being - keep things as realistic as possible considering the supernatural circumstances.

5. If you are playing a vampire that was actually born quite awhile ago, it is highly unlikely that they will be speaking like people in our current generation. They won't be using smiley faces and using the phrase, "hehehehe." Instead, their manner of speech and writing would/should be more refined. There is a character limit of five (5) per person. If you reach the limit and have proven you can remain active, more will be granted on a case by case basis. AS OF 4/17/12: The absolute limit will be set at eight (8) characters per person. Please note that you may not play any more than two in one particular group. For example, you cannot play four wolves from the Uley Pack, but you could play one from the Uley Pack and one from the Black Pack.
5A. There will be a limited number of original character spots opened up for the wolves and the Volturi. As stated in Stephenie Meyer's guide, there are a certain number of members that were never given names. If you choose to pick up a Volturi, please note that most of them do have abilities but try not to copy directly from already established ones, and don't make them anything outlandish. They are vampires, not Thor. They cannot twirl a hammer and make the ground quake.
6. Proper grammar/spelling is expected. No chat/netspeak will be tolerated from your characters. dis iz not acceptable.

7. Powerplaying/godmodding is not acceptable. If it is for something little or you have received permission to do so, then that is different. Otherwise, please refrain from trying to control someone else's character.

8. It is very likely that 'Eternal Damnation' will have adult themes. These include sex, violence, etc. For this reason, we ask that everyone who applies be 18+.

9. If you are applying for one of the main characters, it is an absolute must that you be active. A Twilight game cannot survive with an Edward who only replies once a week, and barely makes the minimum activity requirement. We want for you to be as active as possible. Please be aware that if you do not introduce yourself and/or your characters in the OOC community within a week of acceptance into the game, we will have to remove you due to inactivity unless it was previously discussed.

10. Have fun!