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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ - Customization in the Old Style System

» How do I change the number of journal entries per page?

This FAQ applies only to the old style system (S1), which is no longer supported. See this FAQ for instructions for the newer style system.
Switch to S2 for the latest features and themes.

All account types can use S1 style overrides to change the number of journal entries per page. To do this, go to the Journal Display page and copy the following overrides into the "Overrides" box at the bottom of the page:


This example changes the number of entries on your Recent Entries page to 30, and the number of entries on your Friends page to 40. You may wish to change the numbers to other values that suit you. Both of these options have a minimum of 1, a maximum of 50, and a default value of 20.

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Last Updated:
January 12th, 2008 (jimmy)


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