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User:_bden_ (14526)
Name:brendon boyd urie
Location:United States
**[info]iam the Brendon Urie (Panic at the Disco) of Scribbld!**
**Brendon Urie x Ryan Ross is my [info]_otp!**

Interests:114: 504 plan, adrian grenier, ari gold, art, ayumi hamasaki, bden, bflow, brandon flowers, brendon urie, brian kinney, celebrities, christian bale, cloud strife, cupcakes, dance dance revolution, debi mazar, dexter, dexter morgan, drake bell, drama, empires, entourage, eric/vince, fashion, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 8, final fantasy eight, final fantasy seven, fullsizes, fullsizing, gale harold, gossip, harry potter, high school musical, high school musical 2, hockey, hoodies, ice cream, imac, images, interpol, ipod, japanese rock, jared leto, jay-z, jeremy piven, johnny depp, jon walker, justin taylor, jwalk, kanye west, kevin dillon, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, leon leonheart, lipgloss, lucas grabeel, lucas grabeel/vanessa hudgens, ludacris, lyrics, matt bellamy, muse, nailpolish, panic, panic at the disco, panic! at the disco, patrick stump, pete wentz, photobucket sharing, photobuckets, photography, picspams, pictures, playstation, poetry, pound puppies, queer as folk, radiohead, randy harrison, rares, reading, remixes, resident evil, roadtrips, rps, ryan ross, ryan ross/brendon urie, ryan ross/jon walker, ryden, ryon, sanrio, scandals, sephiroth, slash, smut, spencer smith, spongebob squarepants, squall leonheart, sweeny todd, sweets, t.i, the care bears, the killers, the power rangers, the simpsons, tmz, tom conrad, turtle, utada hikaru, vanessa hudgens, vans, video games, vincent chase, vincent valentine
Schools:None listed
People8:_bden_, _ross_, black, cunt, hellokitty, jwalk, news, spencerjsmith
Communities27:_otp, addme, askhere, backgrounds, bitchbook, brendondisco, fashionesque, finalfantasy, fontaddicts, fullsizeme, hotfashion, iam, idols, ismylove, jondisco, photobuckets, randomquestion, ryandisco, savinme, scribbldsuggest, spencerdisco, teamjonwalker, thedisco, tradingpost, upload, usernames, yumm
Friend of:5: _bden_, _ross_, black, hellokitty, spencerjsmith
Member of:32: _otp, addme, askhere, backgrounds, bitchbook, brendondisco, community_promo, finalfantasy, flamecup, fontaddicts, fullsizeme, iam, idols, inkpen, ismylove, jondisco, photobuckets, randomquestion, ryandisco, savinme, scribbldsuggest, sextalk, spencerdisco, teamjonwalker, thedisco, thin, thrashground, tradingpost, ugly_icons, upload, usernames, yumm
Account type:Early Free User

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