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User:camaro (22363)
Name: ♠ ςαmαяő
[info]popbottles coming soon=]
♥ jadedingermany @Gj
&&can't pretend... I won't think about you when I'm older
NiCOLE ♥ I was once jadedingermany. Now, I popbottles. My names Nicole. Theres no Hole in it. I'm an ice breaker and I am the least bit shy. I put others before myself in all cost. I never feel like a third wheel; I can entertain myself. Sometimes my friends and I listen to heartless music such as techno or rap to goof off with each other. One day I will go sledding. I will be one of those old ladies who has a basement full of old children's toys and tv's I saved over the years. I used to be such a day dreamer until reality just overthrew it. Majority of the time I learn from others mistakes; I don't do drugs, smoke, or drink.

LiKES ♣ country sides, photography, mud, off roading, racing ((street&drag)), Obama, Ron Paul, My boyfriend, painting my toe nails, sleeping on trampolines, sleeping in my car, dale JR., charcoal drawing, memories, books!, reading, hitting mail boxes with golf clubs, ford, jeeps, camping, making hemp jewelry, tail gating, concerts in the street [.citystages.], dancing in the rain, mud football, LG electronics, mineral make up, mac lipgloss, nintendo 64, hanging my feet out the window, visits to walmart, chanel sunglasses & fashion, old spice

MUSiC ♬ 15 minutes late, a change in pace, ac/dc, across five aprils, action action, after the sirens, american eyes, american hi-fi, arjuna, armor for sleep, atreyu, blink-182, boys like girls, brand new, brandston, bright eyes, by far the least, clarity, dashboard confessional, descendants, die toten hosen, Discrete Encounter, dreamwalk, emery, fall of TROY, four letter lie, fixed til tuesday, goodnight nurse, greeley estates, halifax, hellogoodbye, hinder, hollywood undead, hidden in plain view, jms, june, just surrender, kettle, la, lostprophets, lostocean, luke pickett, mary j. blige, mayday parade, mcfly, mest, my lost cause, Mysterious Bob, mxpx, november kills, number one fan, over it, papa roach, plain white t's, poison, promise the ghost, reggie and the full effect, rocket summer, saosin, scary kids scaring kids, senses fail, silverstein, smile empty soul, spitalfield, stellastarr*, story of the year, T-pain, taking back sunday, taylor swift, the academy is..., the ataris, the blood brothers, the cure, the early november, the killers, the lashes, the silver screen, the starting line, the summer obsession, the used, thrice, three days grace, three legged chair, tila tequila, underoath, unwritten law, Via Maris, with blood comes cleansing, Youg Jeezy

BO0KS ♠ I love reading; being dyslexic this is an odd habit. twilight [saga], reservation road, fear&loathing in las vegas, the road, american gods, crank, perks of being a wallflower, yellow submarine, the republic, flowers in the attic, practice makes perfect, great expectations, catcher in the rye, love is a mixtape life, loss...,Widow of the South

MOViES→ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Boyz N the Hood, Garden State, A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY, waking life, Cold Mountain, The Butterfly Effect, the butterfly effect 2, The Chase, A Bronx Tale, Evita, Titanic, Lords of Dogtown, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Four Brothers, Glitter, Saw, Valley Girl, Crash, My Best Friend's Wedding, Incest, Almost Famous, 10 Things I hate About you, fight club, Dirty Dancing, Scarface, You drive me Crazy, ps I love you, Cheat, Stay
Interests:34: books!, camping, charcoal drawing, concerts in the street, country sides, dale jr., dancing in the rain, driving, ford, golf clubs, hanging feet out window, jeeps, lg electronics, mac lipgloss, making hemp jewelry, memories, mineral make up, mud, mud football, my boyfriend, nintendo 64, obama, off roading, old spice, painting toe nails, photography, racing, reading, ron paul, sleeping in my car, sleeping on trampolines, swimming, tail gating, visits to walmart
Schools:None listed
People3:jimmy, news, system
Communities7:community_promo, equations, harsh, promote, promotions, royalty, superlative
Member of:6: community_promo, harsh, promote, promotions, royalty, superlative
Account type:Early Free User

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