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User:climbingivy (12215)
Climbing Ivy
Name:Ivarius Faldine
Bio:Hacienda Mictlan
Outside the City of Mexico
September 16, 1835

Amicus Meus,

Enclosed with this missive you'll find a draft for what I hope is sufficient money to pay your passage here by the speediest available transport. My host at the moment is being so good as to hold the minions of Justice at bay, which is quite generous of him given that I am widely supposed to have murdered his only son. Were Don Prospero de Castell-n even marginally sane, I would probably already have been executed--the evidence is fairly damning. By remarks the Don has made, however, I have the uncomfortable conviction that after the first of November--the second at the latest--he will fall in with the popular view, not that I killed the fellow, but that I deserve to be punished for the deed. In company with most of the rest of the household, he believes that young Fernando will re-visit the house, along with various other deceased relatives, at that time, the only difference between his belief and that of his daughters and their families being that he thinks he will be able to ask the murdered man outright--and receive an answer in no uncertain terms--about what ought best to be done with yours truly.

The local constabulary is also in fairly steady attendance. If ever I have earned your regard or affection, please come and engage in a few sleuth-hound tactics. I am at a complete loss to imagine how anyone but myself could have made quietus for young Fernando--who certainly deserved what he got--and if you do not prove otherwise, I shall soon be forced to begin suspecting myself. Please come. I am in fairly desperate straits, though, as I said, I believe I shall be safe enough until the Days of the Dead.

Your friend,

Hannibal Sefton

p.s. I don't know whether they still garrote heretics like myself here, or hygienically shoot them as they do in the countryside. You understand that I don't really like to ask.
People19:allati, amirah, climbingivy, clockwork, dalamar, debris, forestoftrees, hotelcalifornia, inkoflemon, justmagic, kasiyans, leanne, lion_azure, parallel, sakuradragonfly, sandglass, sanssommeil, spunoutonyou, thisonething
Account type:Early Adopter

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