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User:daimeryan_rei (14263)
(no userpics)
Name:Daimeryan Rei
Website:Silent Scribblings
Bio:Dutch Gundam Wing and Yu-Gi-Oh! fan.

(bio to follow)
Interests:53: aerith gainsborough, anime, cats, cloud strife, csi, demyx, diablo, drawing, dungeon siege, duo maxwell, fanart, fanfic, fantasy, final fantasy vii, gundam wing, heero yuy, kadaj, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, legens, loyalshipping, loz, mecha, morrowind, movies, mutou yuugi, myths, organization xiii, pharaoh atemu, priest karim, priest mahaado, reading, reno, robert jordan, saix, sephiroth, shinentai, stuffed animals, terminator, tomb raider, tori amos, videogames, wheel of time, writing, xemnas, yami no bakura, yami no malik, yami no yuugi, yamishipping, yazoo, yu-gi-oh!, zack fair, zexion
Mutual Friends:1: whimsical
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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