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User:jubilatoire (32631)
(no userpics)
Website:el jay
Location:United States

What happened to the world we had when we were young?
What happened to the sun?
What happened to the buildings and the fields and trees?
Won't someone tell me, please?
I sit here all alone and watch the saucers in the sky.
Where has the feeling gone?
Dont ask me why, dont ask me.

I should've grown up in the 80s.

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mood theme by [info]collapsingnight
Interests:89: a flock of seagulls, alias, alizée, alone time, animal cognition, anorexia nervosa, anthropology, bat for lashes, carnivàle, cats, child free, christian bale, cold war, comedy, communist revolution, conspiracy theories, criminology, culture jamming, cyborgs, cyndi lauper, daft punk, dance, daniel tosh, david lynch, depression, disguises, durutti column, ednos, factory records, fashion, fatal frame, france, french, french revolution, gary numan, jean-paul sartre, jennifer garner, jeremy irons, joel mchale, joy division, justice, kirsten dunst, maggie gyllenhaal, marie antoinette, mike score, moby, natasha khan, new order, new wave, nick frost, nick stahl, number stations, obsessive compulsive disorder, omd, pelorian cats, photography, psychology, psychopathology, recovery, resident evil, ricky gervais, russia, russian, shikabane hime, sign language, silent hill, simon pegg, sirens, sociology, sofia coppola, soviet union, spies, stanley kubrick, suicidology, sylvia plath, synthesizers, techno, the 40s, the 80s, the office, the smiths, theremins, télépopmusik, vladimir nabakov, world war one, world war two, yelle, zombieland, zombies
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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