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User:kickawesome (10127)
writin' down all these verbs and i don't know why
Name:Ally «my eyes are on you yeah»
Memories1 entry
People40:amoeba, andromeda, awesomecakes, batshitrix, calliopes_pen, cristina_lacosa, crocketed, dirtyglass, flannel_girl, hellblazer, hello_from_dis, hitler, holocron, im_sirius, johnnyrcash, juegoconfuego, kaleidoscopeyes, kalt, kickawesome, ludivine, mikipinku, milkyway, monkeypotatoes, nargle, news, onethingreal, osteological, panda, peacocks, puffed, randomshoes, rubytuesday, snwpnitsirk, soconvinced, soironic, solpadeine, swansong, system, tara_fleur, tweaked
Communities13:cocktail_hour, colorrush, community_promo, desirables, facaded, hotdamn_icons, iconic, nerds, pb_updates, scribbld_top5, textless, tutorials, usernames
Account type:Early Adopter

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