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User:lambie (17769)
Website:my heart is the one that will tend to your flames, and make them mine we share this spirit - my heart is yours...
Interests:38: baptism, black metal, books, boy shorts, cheetahs, cinnamon ice cream, cold stone, concerts, craft, cultures, darkthrone, death metal, disney, fairy tales, flip flops, folk metal, gamecube, house, juice, kalmah, kittens, lamb of god, movies, muppet babies, music, photography, prince of persia, stuffed animals, sudoku, summer, summoning, tattoos, techno, texting, the black dahlia murder, the faceless, the legend of zelda, trance
People16:anotherday, blunted, british, cali, desiired, edward, heartburn, hookah, how, lambie, laurengottlieb, lupe, nejjeh, slut, tilt, zoli
Account type:Early Free User

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