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User:next_avenger (27217)
Name: James Romanov-Rogers
Age: 16
Height: 5'10" (and still growing)
Weight: 149lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Relatives: Steven Rogers (father), Natasha Romanov (mother), Mikhail Romanov (half-brother), Anya Stark (half-sister), Sarah Rogers (half-sister)

Base of Operations: Avengers Mansion, New York City

Enhanced strength: James is able to lift about 300 lbs right now. This will increase as he gets older.

Enhanced Human Speed: James is able to run approximately around 30 miles
an hour and can run faster under duress.

Enhanced Human Agility: James’ agility is better than most athletes and will improve with training.

Enhanced Human Stamina: James’ body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles, granting him phenomenal endurance. He can exert himself at peak capacity for an hour without rest before showing any signs of fatigue.

Enhanced Human Durability: ability to resist or recover from injury and disease are superior to those of ordinary humans. He can heal wounds four times faster than a normal human. Some of this is from his mother.

Enhanced Human Reflexes: James possesses reaction time superior to any normal human.

Enhanced Human Perception: James has exceptionally keen eyesight and hearing.

James was the son of Captain America Steve Rogers and the Black Widow Natasha Romanova. His parents were killed along with the rest of the Avengers while battling Ultron. Iron Man survived the battle and took James along with the rest of the Avenger children into hiding. James grew up with his brothers Azari and Pym and is sister Torunn in a secret base.

The kids accidentally activated the Iron Avengers and this alerted Ultron to their existence. Ultron attacked and captured Iron Man. The kids escaped, but soon turned up in Ultra City and rescued Tony. They then went west in search of the Hulk. They found him and eventually battled Iron Avengers and Ultron. They were successful and then returned to Ultra City to destroy Ultron's robots.

A fight in a lab led to an explosion which transported James to another dimension.
Interests:64: adventuring, all-winner's squad, alpha flight, apocalypse, asgard, asgardians, avengers, black widow, captain america, daredevil, defenders, diamondback, dr. doom, elektra, eternals, fantastic four, galactus, gods, hawkeye, hercules, heroes, hulk, inhumans, invaders, iron man, jack kirby, kree, loki, magneto, mar-vell, maraduers, marvel comics, marvel universe, mutants, mystique, next generation, oylmpians, power pack, professor x, quicksilver, red skull, roleplay, roleplaying, runaways, s.h.i.e.l.d., scarlet witch, serpent society, silver sable, skrulls, spider-girl, spider-man, squadron supreme, stan lee, superheroes, thor, thunderbolts, valykrie, villains, vision, wolverine, x-force, x-men, young avengers, zeus
Schools:None listed
People58:_tsunami_, anyastark, arachne, awesome_andrea, borntolead, cant_stop_this, cosmic_son, discardedheir, eagleofthebow, emmysmash, glowstick_girl, godlierthanthou, got_the_touch, icallnopowers, invisigirl, irondragon, jackmurdock, ladydevil, little_gabriel, lytaworthington, madscienceman, mapleleafsuit, marlow, marvel_girl, mishaloganovich, next_avenger, nightingalesong, not_heather, notinplainsight, ohu_amane, oneyoungwoman, perenawska, pop_trash_hero, princess_mutt, princessbruiser, purplegeist, pym_kitten, quitethecharmer, redheadspy, rogue_star, sammyfury, sandcastlegod, sea_shelly, shield_maiden, smallestbear, son_of_hercules, soothsayer, stark_inc, stone_bear, strongbox, swashbuckler, sydney_ashcroft, team_mascot, toni_rhodes, tooth_n_claw, universaljoke, vicious_cycle, weavingwizard
Communities4:marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen, wild_west
Friend of:65: aaronwyatt, american_idol, anyastark, awesome_andrea, bite_me, bornlucky, borntolead, cant_stop_this, danielle_cage, designergene, digthefuzz, dont_bug_me, favoredheir, fireball, gammagodling, girlspy, glinting, godlierthanthou, harkerlegacy, harryreynolds, hot_rod, i_feel_you, ice_ice_baby, im_a_librarian, invisigirl, kaiju_can_do, kidfuzzy, ladydevil, likethewind, lytaworthington, marvel_girl, marvelkid, needsmoredakka, neogoblin, nevermisses, next_avenger, nextgen_mod, notinplainsight, notquiteright, notyetqueen, perenawska, poof, princessbruiser, queenofcrime, redheadspy, rjb_absinthe, ryanspector, sea_shelly, shessomarvelous, shield_maiden, small_but_tough, son_of_genius, son_of_hercules, soothsayer, subject0001, super_wren, swashbuckler, sydney_ashcroft, team_mascot, toni_rhodes, tooth_n_claw, touchesthepast, two_gun_kid, webslingergirl, wild_rose
Member of:2: nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Account type:Early Free User

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