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User:pgmoonshine (31892)
hey there little red riding hood
you sure are lookin' good
Location:United States
Bio:Moodtheme by [info]always_winter on LJ.

little red riding hood
A small fictional journal, generally for twisted, dark pairings. I am addicted to happy endings, so the good guys win, but the road there is dark.

Hopefully dark in a fun way, though.

Interests:18: christina ricci, cursed, darkfic, demons, dragons, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, ghosts, holly valance, katrina van tassel, monsters, sleepy hollow, supernatural, vampires, werewolves, winona ryder, writing challenges
Schools:None listed
People3:morgan, news, system
Communities4:bonsoir_monde, cybertron, fanfiction, original_fic
Member of:4: bonsoir_monde, cybertron, fanfiction, original_fic
Account type:Early Free User

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