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User:shield_topdog (27203)
Bio:The eldest of three children, Nicholas Joseph Fury grew up in Depression-era New York City with his brother Jacob and sister Dawn. Fury's mother died while he was very young and his father Jack Fury, an American pilot who joined the British war effort during World War I, remarried and the children were raised by his stepmother in lieu of Jack Fury's own early death. It wouldn't be until Nick Fury became a solider himself overseas that he would learn of his father's military service. Living in the tough streets of Hell's Kitchen, Fury soon became fast friends with Red Hargrove, whom he helped keep out of trouble. Fury himself was no stranger to trouble, but more than often confined it to the boxing ring where he would bout, or in the Police Athletic League where he became one of the finest marksman.

World War II

Fury and Hargrove caught the eye of Lt. "Happy Sam" Sawyer who enlisted them for a special mission in Holland. On this mission Fury made the acquaintance of his future life-long friend, the circus strongman Thaddeus "Dum Dum" Dugan. Seeing the Nazi menace firsthand, Hargrove was moved to say he would enlist and Fury said he would follow him. However Fury didn't enlist until 1941, where he received nine weeks of basic training at Fort Dix without Red Hargrove, hoping to ride out the wave of unemployment in the States. Eventually Fury reunited with Hargrove, both getting stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Fury was spurned on by the death of Hargrove during the attack to join the U.S. Rangers, and was eventually recruited and reunited with Captain Sawyer who assigned him command of the First Attack Squad; aka the "Howling Commandos," a specially-trained band of soldiers who undertook some of the most dangerous missions of the war. Together with Dum Dum Dugan as his second in command, Fury led Gabe Jones, Robert "Reb" Ralston, Dino Manelli, Eric Koenig, Izzy Cohen, Percival Pinkerton, and Jonathan Juniper against the likes of Red Skull, Baron Heinrich Zemo, and other Axis villains, fighting alongside such war heroes as Captain America. As leader of the Howling Commandos, Fury struck blow after blow against the Nazis and their allies through missions that ranged from deep infiltration missions behind enemy lines to undercover work and even some home front action.

It was during the war that Fury first crossed paths with his most dangerous foe, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker. Strucker's humiliating defeats at the hands of Fury would drive Strucker to devote a lifetime seeking revenge. Among the formative events during this period of his life included the friendships made with Dum Dum Dugan and Gabe Jones (both of whom would follow him into SHIELD), and fighting alongside fellow war hero Captain America. Also during the war, Fury met Lady Pamela Hawley, who would become his first (and some say only true) love. Tragically she died before Fury was able to propose marriage to her. During his relationship with Hawley, they crossed paths with Doctor Strange in a taste of his future strange and extraordinary adventures. During the war Fury and his Commandos faced super-powered menaces that included vampires and other-dimensional beings.

Two serious injuries sustained during this time would have a serious impact in his later life: a grenade blast that began the slow deterioration of his sight in his left eye, and a landmine accident that led to Fury being inoculated with the Infinity Formula by Professor Berthold Sternberg in France.

The Infinity Formula substantially slowed his aging process, and Fury was thrust with a double edged sword: although his life was saved, the consequences of the Infinity Formula would haunt him throughout his life as he would see many friends age and die, as well as become the target of various villains seeking his secret. Dr. Sternberg himself was not immune to taking advantage of Fury's delicate situation, basically holding Fury's life for ransom starting in 1946, every year through 1976 by charging Fury a high fee for more of the serum.

For most soldiers, after V-J Day the war was over it was time to go home and live a normal life again. This was not the case for Nick Fury. Following a number of "mop-up" missions with the Howlers, Sgt. Fury was reassigned and left his wartime comrades behind in France, heading for Okinawa. His skills were quickly put to use with the growing intelligence community. The Office of Strategic Services had recognized Fury's potential during the war, using him for a few missions into German-occupied France, and based on this he was officially recruited by Colonel Tom Lynaugh. He was flown to Langley where he began training as an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency.

During these cloak & dagger years, Fury saw action in the Korean War, briefly reuniting with some of the former Howling Commandos who reenlisted. On one particular mission, the Howlers joined Fury and Colonel "Happy" Sam Sawyer for a covert mission to destroy a MIG airbase, a mission that earned Fury a long-deserved brevet field commission to Colonel. Fury also became involved in fighting Communist Chinese forces.

For the most part Nick works as a spy, but on occasion he will command special military missions with elite forces.
Interests:64: adventuring, all-winner's squad, alpha flight, apocalypse, asgard, asgardians, avengers, black widow, captain america, daredevil, defenders, diamondback, dr. doom, elektra, eternals, fantastic four, galactus, gods, hawkeye, hercules, heroes, hulk, inhumans, invaders, iron man, jack kirby, kree, loki, magneto, mar-vell, maraduers, marvel comics, marvel universe, mutants, mystique, next generation, oylmpians, power pack, professor x, quicksilver, red skull, roleplay, roleplaying, runaways, s.h.i.e.l.d., scarlet witch, serpent society, silver sable, skrulls, spider-girl, spider-man, squadron supreme, stan lee, superheroes, thor, thunderbolts, valykrie, villains, vision, wolverine, x-force, x-men, young avengers, zeus
Schools:None listed
People26:agent_13, angermgmtissues, arachnerd, big_pympin, black_widow, bouncytrouncy, cap_a, contessa_val, derek_meyers, eternalhedonist, eyeofthetigra, icemanbobby, lady_sif, mai_kai, matchstick, pop_trash_hero, professor_x, red_eye_cyke, rom_runner, secretagentman, shield_topdog, stark_bodyguard, stark_inc, strangeways, violet_arrows, witchywoman
Communities7:legends_bullpen, m_u_bullpen, marvel_legends, marvel_universe, marvel_year_one, the_bullpen, year_one_ooc
Friend of:37: agent_13, angermgmtissues, anthonyestark, arachnerd, big_pympin, black_widow, bouncytrouncy, bullseye_, canadianwildboy, cap_a, derek_meyers, eternalhedonist, eyeofthetigra, firstavenger, gammazon, gogetemtiger, icemanbobby, katerrific, lady_sif, lilyellowboxes, mai_kai, matchstick, ninjainred, pop_trash_hero, professor_x, red_eye_cyke, rom_runner, secretagentman, shield_topdog, stark_bodyguard, stark_inc, theicemancometh, webandwit, white_knight, witchywoman, withadashof, youwontseeme
Member of:7: legends_bullpen, m_u_bullpen, marvel_legends, marvel_universe, marvel_year_one, the_bullpen, year_one_ooc
Account type:Early Free User

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