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User:shion (16899)
Metaphor for a missing moment
Pull me into your perfect circle
Location:United States
Bio:Hi, I'm Kayla~ :3 I'm a pretty random girl... not the "LOL PANCAKE PENGUIN ATTACK" random though. Daydreaming is one of my main past times, along with writing and drawing, not to mention playing video games. XP~ I am a bit short-tempered, but it usually passes by quickly, especially after ranting. Caffeine keeps me motivated, even if it isn't good for you. I am currently taking Japanese, and I am in my fourth year of learning it. I guess I would say I'm somewhat good at it, but I'm not amazing; I basically know formal Japanese. I hope to learn some other languages too; being a translator is one of my ideal careers in the future, along with being a video game designer. I'm a pretty nice person, so don't be afraid to get to know me. I may be quiet at first, but once I get to know you better, it'll be hard to get me to shut up. =P

[info]iam the Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni/Kai) of Scribbld
[info]iam the Dahlia Hawthorne (Phoenix Wright) of Scribbld
I am [info]thefangirlof Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Interests:117: adult swim, alter egos, animal crossing, anime, aqua teen hunger force, astronomy, battle royale, beatmania, bemani, bunnies, candy, care bears, cartoons, cats, celes chere, clock tower, coffee, cowboy bebop, cute stuff, dahlia hawthorne, ddr, death note, degrassi, detectives, digimon, dokuro-chan, donkey kong, doppelgangers, drawing, dualism, eiko carol, elite beat agents, eurobeat, evil king stan, fatal frame, fatalism, final fantasy, flowers, foreign languages, galerians, glitter, glowsticks, godot, goggles, happy hardcore, haruhi suzumiya, hearts, hello kitty, higurashi, horror movies, hotel dusk, jade empire, jewelry, karma, katamari damacy, king of fighters, konami, legend of dragoon, legend of zelda, lipgloss, lucky star, maximillion galactica, memory of alessa, metal, mirrors, mmorpgs, mortal kombat, mythology, oblivion, okage: shadow king, outlaw star, pandas, para para, paranoia agent, phoenix wright, photography, pokemon, pseudonyms, psychology, pump it up, pyramid head, ragnarok online, rainbow bright, rozen maiden, samurai champloo, sayonara zetsubou sensei, selphie tilmitt, shadow hearts, shadow of destiny, shopping, silent hill, slappy bracelets, sleeping, socks, south park, starbucks, stars, street fighter, sudeki, sugar gliders, super milk-chan, techno, the color blue, the paranormal, touch detective, trance, trauma center, vampires, video games, warm weather, werewolves, world of warcraft, writing, yuri hyuga, zidane tribal, zombies, ひぐらしのなく頃に
People6:eimii, franziska, kirie, luvotomy, sailor_moon, urgent
Account type:Early Free User

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