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User:thatlivelygirl (37303)
Some girls won't dance to the beat of the track...
baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark
Name:She's a Serena
Location:Chino, California, United States
♫ Baby loves to dance in the dark
cuz when he's lookin' she falls apart
baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark... ♫

Interests:137: a walk to remember, alex pettyfer, alexz johnson, amanda leigh moore, angels and airwaves, art, ashlee simpson-wentz, beautiful men, billie piper, blake lively, blake/chace, blink 182, bono, brandon flowers, british boys, canada, canadian boys, captain jack harkness, chace crawford, classic disney, cloverfield, conan o'brian, csi, david tennant, daydreaming, dead like me, democratic party, disney, doctor who, dollhouse, donna noble, dr. horrible, dreams, dustin pari, eddie redmayne, effy stonem, elle bishop, elvis and annabelle, england, fairies, fanart, fangirling, firefly, forehead kisses, four brothers, garrett hedlund, geek boys, ghost hunters, ghost hunters international, gingers, going barefoot, gossip girl, graphic art, graphic design, graphics, grey's anatomy, harry potter, heroes, how to deal, icons, imagination, instant star, internet, jacob black, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, john simm, joss whedon, katie cassidy, kbell, keith olbermann, kellan lutz, kristen bell, lady gaga, landon liboiron, leighton meester, like minds, lyrics, mandy moore, mark hoppus, matt lanter, matt parkman, movies, music, nate archibald, nate/serena, neil patrick harris, neverland, peter pan, peter/tink, photography, photoshop cs, pixies, river tam, rose tyler, rpg, rping, sci-fi, sean faris, sebastian stan, serena van der woodsen, serenate, serenity, singing, skins, snark, summer glau, supernatural, tardis, taylor lautner, taylor momsen, taylor swift, team jacob, ten, the airborne toxic event, the bad wolf, the doctor, the doctordonna, the edge, the killers, the master, the pretty reckless, the supernatural, the tenth doctor, the valiant child, tinkerbell, tip-of-nose kisses, tom delonge, torchwood, true blood, twilight, veronica mars, werewolves, writing, yoga, zac efron, zoe kimball
Schools:None listed
People5:jimmy, lyricalemme, morgan, news, system
Mutual Friends:1: lyricalemme
Account type:Early Free User

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