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User:wishes (14776)
Name:the princess is here`
Website:it's you&me and all other people with nothing to do, and nothing to lose. its you&me and all other people, and i dont know why, i cant keep my eyes off of you.

everyone has a certain part of their lives where they truly
wish they could just freeze time, whether it was three years
ago, today, or still to come. whether it was just a moment, a
whole day, or a whole summer. everyone has a time in their
life where they wish everything would just stop. the world
would stop turning and people would stop changing,
because to them, at that time, everything was perfect

Interests:15: beach, dancing, dresses, dvds, green, hannah montana, magazines, manicures, my boyfriend, new york, pedicures, shopping, summer, sun, writing
People12:ballerina, beckymarie, eastcoast, frenchbraid, heartbeat, infidelity, jimmy, lilwayne, news, over, scilence, system
Communities8:50bookchallenge, askhere, fashionesque, iconic, randomquestion, resourced, sextalk, thin
Friend of:8: ballerina, beckymarie, driveshaft, eastcoast, frenchbraid, heartbeat, over, scilence
Member of:10: 50bookchallenge, askhere, fashionesque, harsh, iconic, literature, randomquestion, resourced, sextalk, thin
Account type:Early Free User

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