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September 28th, 2020

Good morning!

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I just woke up. I wake up pretty early... I have to go on Pinterest and look for some morning exercises... I have a shitty mattress and my back gives out every morning.... So I need some exercises to straighten out the kinks... You know how it is? So, how are y'all?  

People are wondering why the fuck things are going back to Stage 1 ... With the restaurants and what not closing?  Because people don't listen that's why. *headdesk*  Covid-19 will only get worse, if people don't get their shit together... 

I just hope the other stores don't close bc I want to get my computer and to see if Layne's iPhone can be saved... He did a number on it. 

If we go out today, which I doubt, I will take some pix with my ZTE cell. I want to record Bees singing a snatch of the Hair soundtrack... Absolutely hilarious... 

Well, I'm going to check it out the exercise pins. 
🙃😘 Sammy

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