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Guilty Pleasures.... [10 Aug 2010|07:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So as I sit here in 92 degree weather with no air conditioning (not that I really like air conditioning), I decided to hold off my work-out routine for awhile (I'll be going to college in about a week where the rec-center is feet away from my dorm building) and reading Marie Claire online (because I'm way to cheap to subscribe to it). Many people have mixed feelings about reading magazines like "Cosmo", "Allure", and "Marie Claire", because is objectivies women into turning them into sex objects. (And men's magazines into Sucess objects). Well I for one belive people turn people into objects-not magazines. And if by some chance you feel guilty about yourself after reading one, than by no means should you waste your hard earn money buying one. I on the other hand love reading the articles (belive it or not there is a lot to learn in those pages beyond vainity), and I am by no means intimidated by the models. So I confess, I'm reading trashy magazines on the internet and I'm having fun untill I spend the next nine months or so stressing and tensing over school. And that's all I've done....all day......lol  

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Hey there [09 Aug 2010|08:42pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Okay, I'm guilty! I got my blogger account back (good-bye evil viruses), and had neglected my scribbld account. However, I'm back now and I'm giving an update. So I start college in like, nine days, majoring in Criminal Justice. Got my books ordered, stuff bought and just waiting. lol Wish I had more of a life to talk about. I would connect my LiveJournal with my facebook, but I like the privacy I have by posting poems and such without comments by family members who think they're funny >.> So that's about it, I'll try to keep in touch more often.

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there isn't one....lol [20 Jun 2010|02:48pm]
I almost didn't post this one....but after my friend read it and said "why the hell not?" than I decided too lol ;p

Bright eyes and gentle smile
Too many paths apart
Stricken with reality and faded away,
But with a common heart

I know where my soul is every night
And I know to cure problems with love than with fight
But in humid sight, with sultry eyes…
Bit into flesh, tender as a peach
Moistened salt taste, shaky to the touch
Sprinkled the rain and kissed his forehead
However the infatuation trembles…
The commitment is too hazy
Lay back and let it drift away
Hold off the passion
And wait for another day
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Sinned and Stained [19 Jun 2010|08:43pm]
I smell rain coming again
the drip-drops tapping
out in the country
inside a metal pan
and here I go again painting with words
of fleshy colors
through an ink pen
caressing a silhouette
of a kind smile
and a perfect heart to match
tears lost
manifested with those drips
bitter to the lips
cold on the palm
soaked through the skin
somehow left broken again
Left blind
and completly clueless
and kind of numb
here and forever remain
sinned and stained
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Reincarnation [19 Jun 2010|08:41pm]
Formidable beauty
Seen through eyes
Mirrored from an old soul
To impart wisdom
Knowledge received from centuries ago
Washed in the celestial
Bathed through every star
Passed from the moon
At least a thousand times before
On earth again,
Seen in baby’s eyes
forever lost
in eternity
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A Letter to my Marine [19 Jun 2010|08:39pm]
I don't really want too many comments from this one please.

I’m sorry for this
And for what I did
But I just couldn’t play anymore
I know when I can’t win

I never wanted this
It is just what has happened
I only wanted to forget
I only wanted to forgive
I’ll miss you forever, you know
But I also know, you’ll only remember what I did
Even though we both know, it never was entirely
all of my fault

For this I’m not the better person
I’m not even a good person
No chance am I
The person I have ever tried to be
And with that,
I had to let you go
And let myself free
I couldn’t carry you anymore
I had to think of myself for now
So someday I too,
can fight for liberty

I never could get you out of my heart or my head
And perhaps I should have listen
To what my dad had said

If there is any honestly left in what I write
Then I truly and always will miss you
I don’t want grief
I just want to you safe and sound
Let heaven hold you in her sight
To keep you on earth
Forever in her warm, safe bound

And here I give to you
My last and final
Poem, letter, reverie
To my one and only
My favorite marine

I really hate titles...lol [19 Jun 2010|08:37pm]
 want to withdraw

release from the commitment

be clear of thought

blessed with absent mindness

liberated from clutches of monsters greed

with grass between my fingertips

and mocassins on my feet

to breath clean air

be crisp, pure, clean

I don't want to be part of your world

and see what there is to be seen

because looking through your eye glass

is like peering into a cup of coffee

in a smokey cafe

choking your space

watching outside the window

that hasn't been cleaned in weeks

I want to be free from this world

released from it's ball and chain

find better understanding

than be caught in this highway race

lost in other's pitty pleasures

I'd rather sip my tea

let them live their lives

I need the real thing
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This one is a quicky...lol [19 Jun 2010|08:36pm]
I can’t force words to come to me
I only know what is there
I can’t see what is inside me
His touch is not here
I can’t get him to love me
His sight is just not there
I can’t get him to come to me
Obviously his home is not here
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Untitled. [19 Jun 2010|08:35pm]
It’s in every little distance in between
Every morning, whispered in the ear
And every sight seen
Every woman’s cry
Every soldier’s sigh
yet it’s nothing
Not a god-damn thing
Call me blind, but I didn’t see it coming
For the first time in a long time
Finding myself learning to surrender
It’s music played through warm breath
It’s in fingertips with a tingly touch, cupped over each other
It’s in blue eyes that are not mine
It’s in a hug that forever is saying Good-bye
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Once Again [19 Jun 2010|08:33pm]
Sun breaks through the mountain
Shining its rays down the hollows
The air swept crisp and clean with warmth
Sky was blue like an angel’s robe
The green came
Once again
Peace settled with tempestuous hearts
And I wonder when we can trust human kind
Once again
And when it’s time to lie back down
When the sky drips of sparks
Youth crawls
Render our skin again
In reemergence of our childhood wonderment,
Our curiosity, breathed over our face, and the tickle in our heart
Once again
And when the sun soaks
The buds no longer virgin
We will welcome new seasons with stronger passion
At least until the cold creeps in
Once again
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I just want to tell you [19 Jun 2010|08:29pm]
I'm afraid to tell youeven more afraid of you
just to say anythingthat may be the least bit true
I'm afraid of feelingsI'm scared for words
even more terrified when you walk through the door
I don't want to hide, but I almost can't breath I don't want you to find, what's hiding inside me
But I couldn't help but liebecause I'm tired of feeling numb
The pain in my chest is better then feeling none
To hold your hand is like craddling your soul
and without any warning
you took another toll
To evade is impoosible yet you still took more
I'll waite for you now, but I can't waite forever anymore.
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Plan [19 Jun 2010|08:19pm]

I'm planning on using this space for my poetry.....had a blogspt there for awhile, but something kept trying to attack my awsome Toshiba, so a friend of me told me to use this....So here I am! <3 For those of you who like blogspot better, it's voraciousballads.blogspot.com (all the poems are the same).

This was a poem I wrote and was published in 2007



You heard it, but you didn't listen.
How could you?
The rhythm that struck so brightly was hidden in the screams of the wind.
How blind do you have to be to not to see that even stars bleed too?
It only takes just one breath for the heart to beat again.
The colors in the sky were no match for you,
And I got lost in those colors again and again because they came rushing at me way too quickly. Like moonlight reflecting the stars in your eyes,
I'm lost forever.
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