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[Private to Tatum and Rath] [Nov. 15th, 2011|07:59 pm]

So I was thinking since dad still believes we all go to church and brunch together every Sunday, that it might be a good idea if we do actually go once before he asks us about it at Thanksgiving. Just saying, you both know he will, so it might be good to coordinate our stories a bit first.

[Private to just Tatum]
I'm not going to keep nagging you about it but did you at least talk to Mack yet? I know you're sick of hearing all this especially from me, I know she was kind of mean and really drunk and all of that but she told you she loves you Tatum. That has to mean something to you?

I know you're terrified about dad and everything, seriously I really do get it. I think you forget that sometimes. If you are gay, and I say only if because I'm honestly not trying to start a fight right now, I do know what you're going through, remember?

I'm constantly scared of him finding out but it's worth it, I know I wouldn't be happy if I wasn't true to myself. Even for his sake and even if I we eventually break his heart. Sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy, as cliche and stupid as that sounds.

Anyway that's enough mushiness but seriously when you're ready to admit it, as your sister who gets it, I'm here. I'll even try not to be a bitch but no promises and seriously though if you haven't already , please talk to her. Alcohol makes you do stupid things.

[Private to just Rath]
Would you be able to do me a favor, maybe at the beginning of next week? It'd make you the best big brother ever.. :)
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[Private to Tatum] [Sep. 24th, 2011|07:14 pm]
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Have you been watching the new season???.. your gurrllss back!!
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[Sep. 7th, 2011|11:27 pm]
Seraphim Donnelly-Rousseau )
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