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Anya Antonovna Romanova Stark - Post a comment
Babies that have been made for me:

Buck and Irina:
A. Stefan Rogers
B. Libra
C. That three-way turned into more of a one time thing when personalities clicked.
D. Rogers' build with mostly Eastern European features.
E. 1. Irina's father considers him a living insult to everything he's ever stood for, and has put all other grudges by the wayside to try and “cleanse' his legacy over the years. 2. On the other hand, relations between the Avengers and the Winter Guard have never been better - both teams have the photo of him as an infant being held between Natasha and Darkstar prominently displayed. 3. Bounced between both his 'home' nations frequently, but can't quite seem to shake the habit of speaking English with a Russian accent and Russian with an American accent. His mother finds it adorable. 4. At 16, decided not to take up a role training with either the guard or the Avengers, and instead started contacting various international heroes, along with SHIELD to try and start training a new team intended to respond to disasters and threats to the whole world. 5. Has very limited darkforce manipulation powers, which he uses to either form protective shields, or to form throwing discs that act as one way portals to temporarily strand people in the darkforce dimension.

Buck and Anya:
A. James Rogers Jr.
B. Aries.
C. Was kind of predictable, really.
D. Had the Rogers' build, with bright red hair. Lower body is far less defined since the accident put him in a wheelchair, but otherwise, obviously works out.
E. 1. Avoided naming him anything associated with 'Tony' - so now the argument is over whether he's named in honor of Bucky or Rhodey. 2. Developed physically very rapidly, especially his endurance. Needed about half the sleep of most kids his age (and still does), and needed frequent intense activity. 3. Largely skipped over stuffed animals, blankets and other attachments - but carried his red, white and blue frisbee /everywhere/ for years. 4. Spent about a week in a serious depressive mood when he thought his dreams of becoming a super hero and leading the Avengers might be over when he was paralyzed from the waist down by crossfire during a battle with the MoE - then got right into talking Tony into building him a modified suit and hover-chair and training to be the Iron Patriot. 5. Nanites were eventually developed that would have helped overcome the damage, and he turned them down - having become an icon to the disabled and believing he could do more good on a wider scale living with and overcoming his difficulties over using hyper-expensive technology not available to most to bypass them.

Liv and Buck
A. Jamie Anne Rogers
B. Gemini
C. The Avengers met the Exiles during an extensive time traveling adventure to resolve a war between Immortus and Rama-Tut. The chemistry was almost immediate.
D. Eight year old's should have that kind of muscle tone. Dark hair, bright blue eyes.
E. 1. When forced back onto Exiles Road, Liv chose to leave their child with Buck. 2. Buck has done everything he can to make sure history isn't repeated, doing his best to make sure their daughter knows who her mother is as much as possible. 3. Whether a mutant gift on its own or related to how/where/when she was born, Jamie has a slight precognative gift, able to see and react to the moments when things can diverge for good or ill, and seeing momentary flashes when people around her are in immediate danger. 4. Every year for Halloween, ever since she was four, gets Vernique's help designing a new costume and code name that she says will be her identity when she gets older and becomes an Avenger. So far, she's gone through 'Princess Ballerina', 'Wonder Star', 'Wonder Awesome Girl', and is getting ready to go as 'Princess Star' this year. 5. Loves card nights with daddy, and is quite the little hustler at Go Fish.

Svalin and Iason
A. Sigfried Iasonsson
B. Aries
C. Began dating during the 12-Step program after a long conversation about the implications of immortality and familial duty.
D. Would look like a Greek statue, except those aren't usually blond.
E. 1. The biggest challenge is trying to keep Grandma Kismet from convincing him that he's supposed to single-handedly populate the post-Ragnarok golden-age. 2. Actually has some of Momtwo Vernique's fashion sense, or at least listens to her advice. 3. Absorbs and channels magical, instead of cosmic energy. 4. Covers warp and dimensional distances via Bifrost-energy - and many of his energy effects have a slight rainbow light side effect. 5. Has received his bit of prophecy - he will die thirteen times during Ragnarok, and be reborn each time due to the massive amounts of magic infusing the battlefield. His thirteenth resurrection shall signal the coming of the dawn.

Kal and Iason
A. Steven
B. Virgo
C. The last grandchild of the people she had known, had let herself get close to, had just died. Sure, there were further generations, but it was getting harder and harder to see Jack, Buck and all the others in them anymore. These people knew all of her first friends, first love, all the rest, only through old videos and stories. And Iason remained, constant and unchanging - save for some memories of his own. Familiarity, and a desperate need for a constant brought her to him.
D. Like a twelve year old Prince Charming, with a Mediterranean blush to his skin.
E. 1. Seems to be channeling his Eternal gifts towards music and his voice. While showing signs of a more or less full range, his true gifts so far have been being able to learn any instrument put in front of him, and an almost hypnotic voice. 2. Lacks Ikaris and Iason's super senses for the most part, but his sense of hearing might be better than either one's. 3. Named in the Eternal tradition, but bowing to Kal's stronger ties to Earth, was named in honor of one of that world's greatest heroes. 4. His grandmothers both absolutely adore him... which, combined with his looks and voice, really concerns his mother. 5. Loves listening to Mom's stories of her time with the Avengers.

A. Justine Antonia Rogers-Stark (Tony insists its Stark-Rogers)
B. Scorpio
C. After their marriage, Anya put a goodly amount of money into adding a genetics division, eventually allowing them to have a child of their own.
D. Hyperathletic skinny redhead.
E. 1. At eight years old, can devour three pizzas in a sitting and not gain an ounce. 2. Her hobby collection is approaching Iason's... ballet, martial arts, basketball, speaks French and Russian, plays the piano, and can build her own go-kart from scratch... and has won every race in her age group. 3. Natasha calls her her 'little marine', for her ability to play in the mud, get skinned knees, bruises, black eyes, bloody lips, go cart crash burns, etc. all week long... and still somehow be dressed with impeccable Stark-sense, using a little make up, a lot of style, and emergency 'home spa afternoons' with Anyamom to look perectly presentable come ballet or piano recitals. 4. No one knows how she keeps sneaking Joan Jett tapes into the music selections in ballet classes - but she can do sped up versions of every routine to Joan. 5. She hasn't quite managed to talk Grandpa Tony into making her her own set of Super-Patriot armor, beyond Halloween costumes that hover a little bit... but she keeps trying.

Greg and Rita
A. Marian Lissa Price
B. Leo
C. The pregnancy wasn't something that either of them had planned. They became involved with each other after a hunt went bad.
About two months after that hunt Rita discovered something else had happened because of that hunt and they were going to have a kid
D. Amber Tamblyn
E. 1) Marian loves music theory. She just is almost completely tone deaf no matter how hard she tries.
2) She inherited the werewolf curse from her father. The demon blood also carried through as well.
3) Marian is trying to find a way to get rid of the demon blood but she doesn't think it can be done since her father, aunt and uncle haven't found a way to change that.
4) She is better with weapons than her Mother ever was. She is a natural with a sword and prefers that to transformations.
5) When she was sixteen she got in trouble for playing poker with some kids at her high school. Rita grounded Marian for a month.

Kal and Griffen
A. Liam O'Niell
B. Leo
C. There was a situation in which someone tried to make clones of the Avengers to use against them. The child of Griffen and Kalypso was the first to be finished when the Avengers just happened to come across the group. The new parents were happy to discover their newly found son had not been forcibly aged up. This gave them the chance to raise him. They agreed to joint custody.
D. Laim looks a great deal like a more fair skinned Iason. Once he hit his teens Liam had a hard time keeping himself clean-shaven and tends to sport a five o'clock shadow.
1) When he learned how to talk it was only six months before Griffen and Kalypso were having full conversations with him. Just nothing overly complex until his third birthday.
2) He loves flying. As a baby while he was teething this was the only way Kal and Griffen could get him to sleep.
3) Father and son frequently tinkered together in the lab. Griffen loved teaching Liam new things. Kal would have to remind them that there was a world outside of science.
4) Liam ended up graduating from high school and college fairly young. He waited until he was eighteen to apply for the SHIELD academy.
5) He ended up being recruited to join SWORD as he knows a fair bit about alien cultures. It was also discovered he is highly gifted with alien languages on top of that.
Bonus 6) Liam was on a pick up sports team whenever he could manage it. It was his way of making sure that he got to do something different and meet new people.

Vlad and Irina
A. Stanislav Rasputin
B. Pisces
C. On a trip to Russia with Misha doing some royal duties one got to meet some of the winter guard. They struck up a conversation about teleportation and there were a few nights to kill that both were quite willing about
D. Daniel Vincent Gordh
E. Five Random Facts
1. English isn't his first language and he speaks it with a slight accent still, though also knows quite a few other languages.
2. His power is that he can 'steal' strength. He's middling superhuman strength but can sap/pull it out of others to take people down and improve himself. Effects last a limited time.
3. Went to school at Xavier's rather late, about two years after his powers emerged. Vastly improved his english there and now most of the mansion can swear in Russian.
4. Joined the Winter Guard as early as he could and was glad he was a fast learner.
5. Gives everyone Godiva as often as he can. Nobody needs to ask where he got that habit/idea

Brandr and Svalin
A. Vigdis Svalinsdottir
B. Leo
C. Two attractive Asgardians + sometimes a bed =
D. Katheryn Winnick
E. Five Random Facts
1. To one mother's joy, she would actually wear dresses and what was laid out for her. Unfortunately she'd then go roughhousing or sword fighting in them and ruin them promptly. Compromises were soon made.
2. Yes, one can wear a sun dress, a cooking pot, mary-janes, and weild a foam sword and still be fearsome.
3. Has everyone wrapped around her finger, even big brother Solver who she insisted must fly her around.
4. "Seriously, I know you're Asgardian and all but how can someone fight with just a shield?" Suffice to say, nobody was ignorant enough to ask again after the first incident.
5. She's perfectly willing to be Mom's mannequin. Just because one is impeccably dressed and wearing heels doesn't mean they can't kick your ass. It's the best advertisement for the versatility of the clothing line to boot.

Kalypso and Brandr
A. Astraea (Brandrsdottir)
B. Taurus
C. Humans don't live very long. Sad fact of life for an immortal, and time only dulled so much of the pain, so one gradually moved on or found distractions. Immortal and dashing swordsmen fit the bill.
D. Gemma Arterton
E. Five Random Facts
1. Though she looks more like her mother, inherited more of an Asgardian power set. Except with added mind-reading, which when around some asgardians...isn't a good thing
2. Is more of a distance fighter, despite all her father and grandfather's sword lessons and attempts to move her away from that. Spears, arrows, you name it. Though she's the only one in Asgard with a crossbow. Nobody is quite sure where she picked it up.
3. With promiscuity on both sides of the family, her lack of dating or any lovers came as a bit of a surprise. Her family says it's just because no man can handle her. And very few women.
4. She thought about joining the Crimson Hawks, but it wouldn't give her the freedom to leave and visit her mother or explore earth much, so she turned it down.
5. Grew up mostly on Earth with her mother, her father's duties didn't let him visit much, where nightly flights were the norm for the two of them.

Vlad and Cait Drake
A. Aleksander Rasputin
B. Virgo
C. The second son, third kid.
E. Five Random Facts
1. Power to change the physical state/phase of something. Not heating as much as drastically lowering the activation energy for the conversion.
2. Is the worst troublemaker of his siblings but is by far the master of the cute grin. Is Scott's bane but an absolute angel for Mom.
3. Doesn't have the Rasputin build but he makes up for it by being very nimble and often makes his infamous disappearances by nearly flying down stairs.
4. Is closest to his little sister, the youngest, and quite protective of her. He once filled the room of a kid who was being mean to her in class with bubbles, enough that they came spilling out when the door was open. Managed to get off pretty free for that one.
5. Sorta wishes he was bigger and stronger but more than makes do. Martial arts lessons from Grandma Kitty and Great Uncle Logan are more than enough to make him a force to be reckoned with.

Cait Drake and Ben Parker
A. Austin Parker
B. Capricorn
C. So he might've had a bit of a crush on Rufus's older sister when he'd been younger. No big deal, puppy crush. He'd gotten over that, so this time he said, was not a puppy crush at all. He tried talking to her more on his visits to the x-mansion, and it took some years to grow up more, good timing, and time in general before he finally asked her out to dinner and got a yes. To his surprise, things went quite well from there over time. He'd never tell his past self though, wouldn't be believed.
D. Douglas Smith
E. Five Random Facts
1. Known for camping out in the mansion's library and just getting lost in reading in a book fort of his making.
2. Manifested his powers early. Similar set of spider-powers though lacks the webbing and instead has a venom blast.
3. Is a great admirer of Uncle Rufus. For the planning behind the pranks and all the prep work and organization.
4. Is actually not a prankster himself, too much of a bookworm, but inadvertently ends up the brain behind most of the big pranks in the mansion. It's not his fault, people just plan in front of him and he can't help but give suggestions how to improve things.
5. Has the title of Official Taste Tester for all of Mom's baked goods. He'll defend that right.

Anya and Vincent
A. Meilin Stark
B. Taurus (Actual birth-date unknown, adopted on May 19)
C. Adopted by Anya and Vincent after a few years of being married. Vincent couldn't bear children as a result of his pact with Asgard, and they decided they didn't want to undergo any genetic tampering.
D. PB - Li Bingbing
E. 1. - Pre-teen hobby of welding and industrial art evolved into pursuing structural engineering.
2. - Worked with Mommy in Stark's far east division for early college credits, helping scout building sites and looking over building proposals by architects.
3. - Tried practicing magics that could be done as a matter of study, with Vincent's help, but ended up gravitating towards hermetic casting instead.
4. - Wanted to marry Aunt Toni when she was little.
5. - Thinks mustaches are terribly lame. Grandpa Tony sulked when this was first declared.

Etoile and Tim
A. Timothy Lance Dugan Jr.
B. Ares
C. Tim and Etoile started off as good friends and slowly started dating after a year. It took Tim another year to gather up the courage to propose to Etoile. Etoile got pregnant after the engagement, nine months later Timothy Dugan Jr was born.
D. PB - Eddie Redmayne
E. 1. Timothy is exactly like his father in many ways. Spent all his time in the lab creating something ingenious.
2. Dislikes working for SHIELD, would have much rather have joined the X-Men like his mother.
3. Is considered a genius for creating the next best thing for SHIELD – hand warmers.
4. Many tease him for this; Tim Jr. is a Momma’s boy.
5. Is a card shark, all thanks to his loving and crazed grandfather Remy.

Etoile and Dante
A. Nathaniel Lee Coleridge
B. Pieces
C. Dante and Etoile were two strangers who are suddenly connected together by an odd situation. Etoile hates flying; hate is an understatement, she has a fear of flying! Dante happened to be the poor soul next to her; he immediate stepped up and offered his hand and comforting words. From that moment on, they have been together ever since then. Due to complications during labour Etoile passed away, baby Nate survived with minor health problems. Nate would grow up without knowing his mother.
D. PB – Sean O’Pry
E. 1. Nate dislikes the color of his eyes; children use to call him “freak” it was due to his mutation. He has eyes are sky metallic blue when his power are in use.
2. Nate has an interesting power: Geoforce - Locate nearby earth-related phenomena, create volcanoes, earthquakes, project magma etc.
3. Nate’s father always made sure that he knew how amazing his mother was and with each day, he resembles his mother more and more.
4. He refused to join any team; he found out that his mother had left the X-Men to take over the Thieves’ Guild. Nate became the third generation leader of the Thieves’ Guild
5. Later in life, he dissembled the guild and returned to his roots the X-Men.

Tim and Nikki
A. Steve "Stevie" Coulson-Dugan
B. Aries
C. One *very* drunken New Years Eve, a midnight peck turned into a one night stand which turned into 18 years of child support.
D. William Mosley
E. 1. He's deathly afraid of any body of water, no matter how small because his mother let him watch Jaws when he was 4.
2. He never kissed a girl until college.
3. He was always really glad his parents were never married - they got along better as friends.
4. The first time he shot a weapon was when he was 8 with his grandfather.
5. He wants to be the first SHIELD agent to get a long term posting on another planet.

Greg and Nikki
Name: Scarlett Coulson
Zodiac: Scorpio
Cirucmstances of Conception: After a *wild* night in Seattle, Nikki came home with a suprise - She would have contacted the father but...she didn't quite catch his name.
PB: Helen Bohem Carter
1. She thinks her dad is someone her mother works with.
2. Scarlett managed to skip 4 months of her senior year before her mother figured it out.
3. She wouldn't actually mind joining SHIELD but resents her mother to the point it's out of the question.
4. Was pregnant when she was 15 - she didn't have the baby.
5. Lived with her uncle for 2 years when she was first a teenager.

Nick and Irina
A. Andrei Nikolaivich Krylova
B. Scorpio
C. Vodka and Whiskey were probably involved, but it wasn't /that/ unexpected either.
D. Has his mother's hair and complexion and his father's lean build. Completely white eyes.
E. 1. While perfectly capable of sight despite the eye coloration, he sees the normal world, the Astral plane and any local ghosts simultaneously. 2. Nick tried to be a good father, he really did. He disappeared about the time the baby spoke its first words... in ancient Chaldean, and hasn't been heard from since. The baby stopped evidencing knowledge of dead languages among other oddities since. 3. #1 leads to some pretty severe migranes, which Lyta has spent a small fortune trying to find non-alcoholic cures for. 4. Upon Strange discovering the child could see him in Astral form, he arranged tutoring - and now at 13, Andrei is showing significant talent for magic... though its being kept strictly to white magic, just in case. 5. Considers most of the Champions like family, and especially loves trying to help out Auntie Lyta, and assisting Corey with the cooking.

Kal and Hal
A. Kara Kalypsodottir
B. Aries
C. Most of the people Kalypso had been close with for decades had recently passed on, and she found some comfort in a few nights with the Asgardian
D. 6'4 with a powerful build and long black hair with a reddish streak.
E. 1. While not possessing most of the Eternals gifts, nor being as strong or durable as a typical Asgardian, showed some of both sides early on when her fascination with fire turned out pretty safe - she wasn't burned at all, and when Mommy got worried, she put fires out with a wave of her little hand. 2. Further study and practice revealed full-on, high level pyrokinesis, along with reactive empathy - the more intense the emotions around her, the stronger and more durable she gets. 3. Starting heroing early with a number of other Avengers brats, she took on the code name Muse at 14. 4. Knows who her father is, but finally understands for the most part why he and her mother agreed he wouldn't be a major part of her upbringing. For a lot of her life, it wasn't easy. 5. While not quite up to Aunt Sersi's standards, she's quite a little flirt from pretty early on - with some hint that in addition to just enjoying the teasing, she may be instinctively trying to feed her powers with inspired emotion.

Sersi and Hal
A. Svela Sersisdottir
B. Capricorn
D. Very Asgardian build and musculature, with jet black hair and pale skin.
E. 1. Halbjorn had little to do with her upbringing, was she remains acknowledged as a princess of Asgard, and Sersi started spending more time in Asgard. 2. Svela learned to sing before learning to talk, and at 8 months, could roughly keep a tune along with her mother singing. 3. While not a bad warrior, her greatest talent seemed to be an ability to enhance the strength, vitality and especially the morale and ferocity of others through her battle songs. No one is quite sure if its an Asgardian thing or some aspect of Eternal psychic powers that she otherwise demonstrates only in small ways. 4. She started out serenading warriors before they took the field, but citing still enjoying battle just fine, and her songs being more effective when fighting is at its fiercest, starting taking the field as a battle skald when she was 14. 5. She understands why her father wasn't around a lot - especially having ended up accidentally amidst the berserkers once in a fight - who seemed to instinctively not consider her a possible threat. In fact, she understands to the degree that she's composing a combination dirge/celebration song for the day her birth-father dies that she's trying to make sure is her magnum opus. Its 20 pages long so far.

Hal and Anya
A. Andrei Buran Stark
B. Taurus
C. When Anya ended up single again, of course Hal was available for a fling.
D. 6'8, broad shouldered, and unnaturally red hair.
E.1. General agreement was made that Anya would raise the child and not mention too much about the father until he was old enough to understand - and he'd have the choice on whether or not to eat the golden apple at 18 or not. 2. Now 20, he's put the decision off a couple years while running Scion - not sure he wants to give up his ties to mortal affairs when he feels he can do a lot of good in the corporate world. 3. Even without use of any powers, has a gaze that can back down even the most driven CEOs and lawyers. 4. While super strong and dense, he's on the low end of the scale by Asgardian standards, but started showing signs of control over cold winds, ice and snow when he was seven and /really/ wanted a snow day. In May. 5. Thankfully showed no signs of the bear-sark showing up. His temper is very controlled, cold, directed and intense.

Anya and Iason
A. Theo Stark
B. Scorpio
C. Iason was there for Anya after her drunk driving incident, and their previous flirtations turned from there into more of a relationship.
D. Looks like a young Eternal. Tony insists the kid takes after him.
E. 1. Completely human to all tests, like most offspring of humans and eternals. 2. Spent a lot of weekends with Grandpa Tony and Grandma Natasha, and took after both, helping Grandpa in the lab and taking dancing, then fighting lessons from Grandma. They remain some of his favorite people. 3. His favorite person, however, is Alexander the Great, ever since his twenty page report he did on him. In first grade. 4. Lacking an Eternal's lifespan, has dedicated himself to showing how much impact one can have in improving the world as a hero, a scientist, an inventor and a tactician in one human lifetime. 5. Predictably, he has more than a little bit of ego to go with his aspirations - unfortunately, he also got Grandpa Tony's charm regarding dealing with his own lack of humility.

Aleks and Del
A. Moira Alicia Childress
B. Capricorn
C. The baby being on the way got them talking, and ultimately they decided to try this marriage thing for the sake of raising a kid, and it worked out pretty well.
D. Stocky and athletic with green-streaked, dark ringlets and big, brown eyes that start out turning green, and go to full on glow-in-the-dark green when she's emotional.
E. 1. Discovered her powers early when she stuck her fingers in a socket that hadn't been fully covered properly. 2. Absorbs electrical charge and converts it into increased strength and durability. 3. Got into punk rock when some other teens at the mall assumed, due to her green streaks, she was into it and introduced her to it. 4. Doesn't really want to join SHIELD or even be a super hero - at 15, much more interested in playing with her band and dreaming of being a rock star. 5. Has played a little with designs and codenames, currently pretty sure if she does end up having to become a hero of some sort, she's at least going to have a cool costume - and currently plans to go by the name Amp.

Cait and Jordan
A. Brandon Corey Bochs
B. Leo
C. They met during one of those gratuitous hero team battles, and just hit it off, once the misunderstanding was cleared up.
D. Tall, lithe, super-athletic with white hair and mostly blank eyes, though he sees just fine. Hair and eyes change color when he starts using his powers.
E. 1. Can take on the properties of things he touches with his bare skin. 2. Trains extensively with Uncle Mason to practice the potential of all sorts of materials. 3. Grew up wanting to be a super hero, with a new code name for himself every week, along with a perpetual towel or blanket stuck into the back of his shirts to be his cape until he was seven. 4. Well intentioned, but got the Drake mischief streak which keeps him in perpetual trouble - especially the time(s) he turned into puddles of water on the floor of the girls' locker room in his early-mid teens. 5. Predictably, as such, aside from Uncle Mason, Uncle Rufus is his other favorite person.

Kal and Mac
A. Aquaria Rider
B. Gemini
C. Blue Area of the Moon.
D. Ginnifer Goodwin
E. 1. People forget she's named after her grandmother Namora. 2. Asks so many questions her nickname is Query. 3. At 15, asked Grandma Sersi to give her The Talk. Dad interrupted and dragged her away two hours later. 4. Grandad Eros and Grandad Rich have argued over who gets to take her to certain space destinations first. 5. The one thing she does not ask is any question to her mother about what happens when she's gone.

Greg and Vernique
A. Valency Jane Price
B. Libra
C. After a night of dinner, dancing, and rescuing people from vampires, even the most careful make mistakes.
D. Cristina Ricci
E. 1. Wears a silver necklace when going into black-magic situations. Because it's a valid safety precaution and she's hardcore. 2. "My big brother's the sun god; I howl at the moon. At least there is symmetry." 3. Wine connosieur. 4. Poised to take over Nevell. May have recommended a line of more ichor-resistant textiles. 5. Loves Cole Porter.

Svalin and Brandr
A. Randolfr Brandrsson
B. Leo
C. Well dashing bodyguard meets godling who enjoys battle just as much. It was going to lead there anyway.
D. Jamie Dornan
E. Five Random Facts
1. Most feared toddler with a knife there ever was. Made all the worse since his parents insisted that blades be wielded /properly/. Certain other people were smart and made sure table knives were plastic around such kids.
2. Spent a lot of time exploring the compound or, as he'd put it, "defending the realm from all those who should oppose her" He often tried to get big brother Solver in on the adventures. No rabbits ever came near the place again.
3. 'Shopping time' meant make yourself scarce. Kid learned fast.
4. "But I need my sword to defend thee. 'Ist important." "Lovely, but no butterknife fights at the table sweetheart." Well one mother had to be the sensible one when it came to cutlery.
5. Became quite the swordsmen later, and of course did well with the opposite sex. Between advice from one mom and the dashing ones on his father's side...it didn't surprise anyone really. Luckily he hasn't tried to grow grandfather Fandral's goatee. Apparently two people in the world can pull it off according to one mom: Fandral the Dashing...and Errol Flynn.

Tim and Lena
A. Sarah Alicia Dugan
B. Aries
C. They're cute nerds, they banter well and get along, and sometimes that leads to being more than just friends
D. Lyndsy Fonseca
E. Five Random Facts

1. Is THE biggest geek. Lena laughs and rolls her eyes when the father/daughter pair geek out about various things and dress up to cons. They even convinced Lena once to cosplay.
2. Skipped a bunch of grades and graduated early. As expected really. The dinner table discussions are one giant nerdgasm.
3. Has had all her SHIELD family from Great Granddad Dum Dum to all her aunts and uncles (honourary included) wrapped around her finger since before she could talk. And she knows it. Dum dum spoils that girl rotten.
4. Is a bit of a pyro and loves explosions. Has twice singed her eyebrows off. Didn't really care. It was in the name of science.
5. Isn't sure if she wants to permanently be a labrat at SHIELD or redo the mythbusters show. Except she'd do it better and /properly/. So many experimental flaws there, tsk tsk. She'll show them how it's done.

Cait Drake and Vlad
A. Andrey Rasputin
B. Virgo
C. The typical way. Rufus's k-i-s-s-i-n-g song wasn't far off. In terms of order of events that is. No trees were harmed in the making of any of this.
D. Andrey Ivanov Photobucket (I swear I had the name picked before the pb)
E. Five Random Facts
1. Between him, his father, grandfathers, and uncles on both sides, no sister of his is ever going to date. And no slighting female family members either.
2. Is an icecream fanatic, once as a kid got into the freezer and nearly downed a whole carton on his own. Now whenever icecream goes missing they all look to him. He maintains he's innocent of that.
3. Perfected the cute innocent smile as a kid. Out of necessity really, he has a bit of a mischevious streak and insists that there needs to be more silly fun. Not as bad as some relatives Drake side though...Uncle Scott breathes slightly easier. Slightly.
4. Avid surfer since he was a kid. Helps when your mom makes the best waves.
5. Can control metals in the same way the Drake side can control their elements. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that he didn't get something else. The captain planet jokes would've been too much.

Anya and Martin

A. Aleksandr (Alexei or Alex to most) Baum
B. Scorpio
C. Of course at one point the young mage of the Thunderbolts had to leave to further his training and get those magic skills under control. He came back a far more withdrawn young man and helped Anya out in some chaotic mess. Worse than the usual Thursday. That sullen withdrawn magic-not-human nonsense wasn't' going to fly and she drew him out of his shell. Well..one thing leads to another and while the astral plane version is certainly an experience, sometimes you gotta go the old fashioned route.
D. Eddie Redmayne
E. Five Random Facts
1. Yep, a mutant. Not surprising really, he can telepathically control technology.
2. Is guilty of standing in the middle of Anya's workshop and drawing in spare parts to make a mecha version of himself. Hey, it's actually a good one.
3. Names all his attacks in latin after magic spells. Nobody's sure why really.
4. Specializes in creating little minion-style robots. He went overboard once and they swarmed Ren Tech HQ trying to be helpful
5. Always well dressed and has no problems with Mom's shopping trips filling his closet. He does buy his own hats though. Even has a collection.

Anya and Vlad
A. Leonid Vladovitch Rasputin
B. Zodiac
C. With the number of charity parties out there, they were bound to meet eventually. It also helped that once he finished his degree he ended up programming for a company that did some work with Ren Tech. Well, late nights working, programming geeking out, some vodka, russian banter and silliness on top of finding out that each of them did the hero thing too? One thing led to another and it was no surprise they hit it off.
D. Vasiliy Stepanov
E. Five Random Facts
1. Ended up pretty big, as expected, enough that he's been mistaken as mom's bodyguard a few times.
2. Doesn't buy videogames. He makes them for himself then plays them. His personal favourite is the Xmen one where he gets to play as Uncle Misha.
3. Dressed up as Great Uncle Scott one year for halloween. Complete with working laser sunglasses. It was a hit at the mansion.
4. The jet setting kid has gotten used to being a mannequin on shopping trips, he's good about standing there and indulging mom and her friends as they find things for him. Then in his everyday life does what dad does and wears comfortable clothes or forgets to wear much at all.
5. Had to be told not to try to feed his vegetables to Lockheed. Tried anyway and ended up proving the "if you don't eat your vegetables you won't grow up big and strong" thing false.
6. Has a sister who despite having some physically intimidating male relatives, completely ignores the "no boys rule" they try to enforce.

Douglas and Hjordis
Raudi Douglasson
The marriage was very politically complicated, but it was worth it.
Large but sleek pup with deep red fur -- well, that's how they put it in the forest. Aesir think he's a very scrawny version of his grandfather at his age. Mortals say he looks like he could play a weasely twin.

1. Raudi's second mother is one of the weakest females of the pack, who'd always made up for it by being a quick study and very obliging, and thus was able to learn enough city ways to do the job and balance out the awkwardness of a prince of the Forest raising a son in the city. Hey, Douglas loves Hjordis, but he's from an independent principality, and if he has to have a second wife, she's going to pretty much advertise that.
2. Raudi is dedicated to sword practice and never makes any excuses about his hands. MummyOne wouldn't stand for it.
3. Current champion runner of the Volstagg Grandchildren. Which is a /very/ large and competitive field.
4. Knows that, with less focused practice than most wolves, he's not the best hunter in the forest, but once the prey's found, he brings it down, no question.
5. Would argue that he has the usual Wolf tendency of honesty and accuracy... but actually takes a little after Grandad Volstagg.

Svalin and Vincent
A. Kell Svalinsson (Svalinsson-Vernard-Von Doom for the purposes of citizenship and such on Earth)
B. Zodiac
C. "You protected my son, even though you might have died in the doing." "What else would you expect?" "I art... not sure." "....what are you doing Friday night?" "..."
About two years later there was much careful examination of patronage and lineage versus a lack of a place in the Prose Edda or a fragment of the Odinforce.
D. Toby Hemingway ( http://www.hollow-art.com/base/toby-hemingway-covenant ) Taking more after his father in build, but able to look his mother in the eye at least. Lighter hair like his honored grandfather and mother.
E. 1 - Doom traveled to the edge of the Rainbow Bridge and spoke with Thor and Odin the day his grandson was born. Whatever words they spoke have been revealed to no-one.
2 - Kell is as fearless as his brother, but without the same benefits, relies more on deception and illusion, followed by a well-placed dagger, eschewing the evocations his father loved just as much. The comparisons to Loki did not go unnoticed, but Kell was too polite to acknowledge them.
3 - Loves to create. Whether cooking, painting, or writing, he would rather spend an hour in quiet creativity than a day in glorious battle. His adversaries have learned in their final moments that this did not make him weak.
4 - Loves all his family, mortal, Asgardian, mixed blood or pure, immensely, but Grandma Einmyria is his favoritest as a boy.
5 - Would, and has, walked into and back out of Hel, without the aid of the Bridge. No-one knows how, but he was wearing an iron gauntlet when he reurned

Azura and Alex
A. Callista "Cally" Quill
B. Virgo
C. Azura's victory celebrations after a gladiatorial tournament were very... vigorous. Alex's femur had fully healed by the time he got the news from her.
D. Nina Dobrev, with light green skin than Azura but brown hair that turns blonde when her adrenaline increases. http://www.hollow-art.com/base/nina-dobrev
E. 1 - Has accepted that staying near Earth as an agent of SWORD, with her follicle condition, means she's in for a lot of Super Saiyan themed jokes.
2 - Believes that directorship of SWORD should adhere to Klingon leadership standards. (As a result, Abigail Brand stopped sleeping anytime Cally was on board The Peak.)
3 - There were three types of games her parents would end up having to play with her every morning once she started walking. 'Where is Daddy's helmet?', 'Where is Daddy's sidearm?', and/or 'Where is Godslayer?'
4 - Keeps a scrapbook of beaches she visits throughout the galaxy.
5 - Has an ability to tap into the collective knowledge of weaponry held by any sentient race, and how to use them. This has lead to several pieces of galactic legislation restricting her freedom to travel.

Anya and Franklin
A. Susan N. Richards
B. Capricorn
C. All you need to know is, she was late to a meeting with his dad.
D. AnnaSophia Robb
E. 1: Smarter than all of her relatives. 2: Somehow inherited an inability to cook. 3: When she was little, she kept asking for her own Rhodes for Christmas. 4: Didn't inherit her father's powers. 5: Is the reason why Reed Richards doesn't have hair anymore.

Quinn and Tam
A. Meggan Blaire Braddock
B. Aquarius
C. The result of a few months of dating, followed by a shotgun wedding.
D. Candice Accola
Spoiled rotten by her grandparents and family.

Would practice her smiling in the mirror when she was five. Grandpa Longshot was so proud.

Used her magical powers to summon kittens when she nine. Mom was not amused by the hairballs left all over the living room.

Wanted to bring disco back when she was six. Later on in life, she realized how terrible of an idea this was.

Frequently pisses off leprechauns. It's a genetic trait, apparently.


Jon and Maria
A. Martha Karina Kent
B. Leo
C. After a number of injuries, Maria finally decided to semi-retire from day to day crimefighting to be a bad influence on a kid.
D. Dark haired, infectious smile, big, brown eyes that can get 'grandpas' to do anything.
E. 1. Prefaces many otherwise normal statements with "I am the terror that flaps in the night!" 2. Favorite possession is her black blanket, which frequently doubles as her 'cape'. 3. At five years old now, is already reading young readers novels. 4. Second favorite toy is her nerf dart gun - people are constantly finding loose darts everywhere. Including and especially places only a flying child could get to. 5. Is absolutely positive that SuperBat should be a thing.

Dex and Pippi
A. Conan, Sonja, Wiley, Bugs and Tweety Peppers.
B. Leo
C. The first litter of babies to Dex's cat have become his absolute pride and joy.
D. Fluffy, multicolored kittens, each with green collars.
E. 1. He tries not to tell them this, but Wiley is his favorite, due to the kitten having a black, masklike pattern around his eyes. 2. Tweety is the master thief... having stolen Dex's ring twice... and managed to use it to get the catfood cans open. 3. Sonja and Conan have an ongoing game of one-upmanship over who can catch the most mice. 4. Dex, and a lot of the others, are kept much more sane by the fact Bugs actually seems to like Pippi grooming him, dressing him up in ribbons, and even sits still for tea parties. 5. Dex always facepalms over Bugs coming in wearing pink ribbons and sparkly collars every time he's talking about what total cat-badasses his babies are.

Ash and Dex
A. Cora Curry
B. Aquarius
C. Ash and Michael never got together. Instead her first encounter with someone with the new JLA was Dex. Like Michael and Ash their first meeting did not go well.
In fact many of their meetings didn't go well. They argued every time they met ran into reach other. She would remark that he was the most frustrating person she ever met. Others notice that when they butted heads that Ash didn't stammer at all.
That was why it wasn't a big stretch of the imagination when the two ended up together after a large party. Nor was it a surprise that after Ty and Cait got married that a few short months later Dex and Ash eloped.
Cora was the result of a lot of trial and error.
D. Cora is the little warrior princess. She really favors Dex in appearance. She is tall and strongly built.
1) Cora has anger problems as well as impulse issues. They are so bad she once decked a noble visiting from one of the other cities.
2) Cora is very protective of her cousins. She doesn't think of herself as a princess. She wants to be a body guard.
3) Cora has no magical aptitude but she has a Green Lantern's willpower. It is thought that someone might try recruiting her someday.
4) Cora didn't know how to deal with the first boy who expressed interest in her. She turned him own... only to threaten to deck his friends who laughed about it.
5) Ash is very proud that Cora won't suffer those who use their power to make others feel weak. Cora will always place other's safety above her own.

Kalypso and Iason
A. Harmony
B. Virgo
C. A short time after the deaths of most of those they once knew, Kalypso found comfort in a fellow immortal.
D. Predictably, the stuff of statues, with dark hair.
E. 1. Name was actually Harmonia, after the goddess, but she wanted to try and identify more with humans, and started going by Harmony at 8. 2. True photographic memory - she remembers everything she's ever seen or heard in minute detail. 3. Never really understood why, in her early years, her mother was often so sad - until she was old enough to understand more detailed stories of the heroes of Kal's "generation" - and requested to start going to a human school for a while. 4. Has most of the typical Eternal powerset, but aside from her enhanced mind, doesn't use it - she committed to living her "first lifetime" to better understanding humans and other mortal races by living as one of them, and has stuck by it. 5. She is, however, using her mental abilities to help her read and memorize every book she can get her hands on to form a permanent record of human history through literature in all its forms.

Thomas and Carolyn
A. Sheryl Wu-San
B. Capricorn
C. Both were undercover abroad for an organization, trying to take it down from the inside out. Neither knew who the other was, but stuck for long periods working with an attractive and rather kick ass member of the opposite sex led to things. The operation crumbled and they both escaped and returned to their lives before. Later, she'd find out about the child, though Thomas never knew of course.
D. Juliana Imai
E. Five Random Facts
1. Trained from an early age, and on the run from the league who took an interest, she grew up all over the world and first really made a name of herself with a bloody takedown of a Chinese mob head.
2. Has a pet ocelot she rescued from some smugglers, and makes sure to keep her away from Clarence though.
3. Took Uncle Tomas' brand of vigilantism to heart, though will pick up jobs for the money. Girl has to eat.
4. Likes her prolonged conversations with Aunt Iota in portugeuse and really agrees that stabbing is underrated nowadays.
5. Not really preoccupied by who her father is, was curious as a kid but grew out of that phase and realized it wasn't important. Doesn't think anyone would recognize him even if they ran into him.

Thomas and Cait
A. Thomas 'Tommy' Curry (After two great-grandparents and father. Enough bases covered)
B. Pisces
C. After disasters swept the world, and a significant period of mourning for Ty, they ended up keeping each other company. It didn't start as off as romantic or even a romance, just two rather broken people who needed comfort and company of another. It helped that he was vastly different from Ty, and she was nothing like the people he lost. It made things easier, and they sort of fell together. They never married though they did stay together, preferring to focus on rebuilding their respective domains.
D. Lee Williams
E. Five Random Facts
1. He split his time between the surface world and the oceans, but made it a point to patrol coastlines and take down smuggling operations to keep up the crimefighting legacy side.
2. Knows he'll be monarch of Atlantis one day, and is surprisingly okay with that, because he's inherited, from both sides, a penchant for taking on responsibilities and shouldering a lot.
3. Has no secret ID, it's public enough that the Queen of Atlantis and the head of WE have a...well relationship wasn't quite the right word but it's the one he likes to use.
4. He's a hit at the fancy dinners and fundraisers, and while he gets a lot of admirers for his princely good looks, he only is ever the perfect gentleman and never did the whole playboy bit.
5. Gotham is his getaway from royal duties, and he visits his father's place often, sometimes joining in on crimefighting, his by far favourite activity is when the two of them take the family yacht out and he can get genuine smiles out of his father.

Jai and Maria
A. Max West
B. Virgo
C. A surprising one night fling
D. Alexandre Cunha
E. Five Random Facts
1. Constantly in trouble, and with superspeed, he's even more of a handful.
2. To make things worse, Aunt Iris shares her sugar stash with him. He once came back from Wayne Manor after espresso, a certain Uncle Thomas just shrugged and said the kid must've gotten a cup when nobody was looking. Maria knows better.
3. Despite his go go attitude, is charming and fun in his own way and finds it easy to get along with others, even girls.
4. Ended up tangled in the line and hanging upside-down in the bat cave after an attempt at trying the grappling gun without permission and supervision.
5. His costume isn't so brightly coloured as most speedsters', he likes the darker tones from his bat side, but takes care to make sure he doesn't look too dark. There's things you don't want to get mistaken for.

Cait Curry and Riley
A. Mera Carter
B. Leo
C. Whirlwind romance following an incident with Black Manta coming after the Currys.
D. PB - Ashley Fiolek
E. 1. - Definitely has the Carter family looks, and bravado.
2. - Swallowed Riley's Legion ring when she was four. Spent the next day and a half sitting against the roof of a dome in Atlantis.
3. - Wants to be an internet model like Grandma Beatriz was for a while, but prefers classic pinup style photo shoots. Arthur was very cross with Riley for encouraging this.
4. - Is the apple of Grandma Mera's (now referred to as 'Big' Mera by family and close friends) eye. Trained Little Mera in combat with a trident.
5. - Doesn't understand why they can't keep dolphins in the pool in the backyard.

Tomas and Maria
A. Marta Dorrance
B. Scorpio
C. Hard to say which of the wild nights it was, but definitely one of them.
D. Natural gymnast's build with dark features and hair.
E. 1. Favorite game growing up was trying to pickpocket Grandpa Bruce. He'd often set her up to "steal" $20 every visit. 2. She couldn't pronounce Grandpa, so ended up calling him "Grumpy Bruce." It stuck. 3. Bruce was the only one who didn't find #2 endlessly amusing. 4. She could never really get into the high minded crusade of the bats, but likewise really wasn't mercenary assassin material - Tomas says its Maria's bad influence on the last one. From her mid-teens, she settled on a different legacy, fashioning herself into the new Catgirl. 5. Her birthday present to herself every year is trying to break into Wayne Enterprises. When she fails, she gets disapproving looks and extra chores. When she succeeds, she's allowed to donate the proceeds to one of her favored animal shelter charities.

Cait Curry and Jon
A. Mera-Jeanne Kent-Curry
B. Pisces
C. It was a long time of mourning after the disaster, but they supported each other, and got together in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe.
D. Tall, long and lean. Even the deepest oceans can't manage to get rid of the odd little Kent spitcurl.
E. 1. Even from an early age, had a cool head and endless patience in the midst of Atlantean drama - and as such, ended up the usual peacemaker between her various cousins. 2. Was quite willing to calmly beat the snot out of all of them til they listened in more contentious cases of #1. 3. Able to swim as fast as dad can fly - and occasionally circles the planet undersea just because she can. 4. Has most of the Kryptonian powers, aside from any of the vision-based abilities, but considers her water breathing and telepathy a fair trade. 5. Expresses the Kryptonian issues with magic by having a mild allergy to Atlantean sorcery - mild enough she can take allergy pills. She can still always identify a sorceror on meeting them by getting mild sniffles or sneezes.

Cait and Mikel
A. Corinthia Victoria Harper
B. Libra
C. Met during a supervillain manipulated war between Atlantis and the Amazons - who would have ever thought they'd work so well together to get other people to see reason before the Kraken destroyed Atlantis? It kind of clicked from there.
D. Swimmer's build and long, red hair.
E. 1. You would have thought the cultures were still at war when discussions of a possible name for the grandchild came up. 2. Finally decided the best compromise was naming her in honor of the Greek city most dedicated to Poseidon. 3. Reveled as a small child especially in not only being a Princess, but being "a princess x2!!!" 4. Takes responsibility very seriously, and helped to found the newest Young Justice iteration out of her peers, and was unanimously elected the group leader. 5. Gave up on bows a while ago in favor of quivers of throwing harpoons that work equally well above or below the water.

Dex and Oksana
A. Anastacia Molotova
B. Virgo
C. Friends became friends with benefits. And as it turns out: chaos magic really messes with birth control.
D. PB: Alex Kingston.
E. 1) Has much stronger magical leanings than her mother.
2) She is quite the fan of science fiction and is a published author.
3) Tends to utter the Jedi code whenever attempting a powerful spell. It "centers her".
4) Has accidentally brought a demon lord into the world. Dad was *not* pleased.
5) Has been offered a GL ring and training under Torquemada.

Dex and Corinna
A. Charity Prince
B. Libra
C. There was an incident where Corinna needed Dex's help to find and under ground slavery ring when no one else could help her. Some of her Amazon sisters had been stripped of their powers and she feared for their well being. After they got them back Dex and Corinna spent a night together at the time thinking nothing of it... until she had to find him some time later with the news he was going to be a father.
D. Charity has a very similar skin tone to her father and she keeps her hair cut short but it's hard to tell because it is very curly.

1) Dex and Corinna both ended up teaching their daughter different ways to fight. She combines both fighting styles into something uniquely hers.

2) She has a very loud personality and sometimes calls fighting "Delivering the gift of battle."

3) She hates more delicate things as she feels like they break too easily around her.

4) She loves cats and has plans to get another one bringing her total up to four very soon.

5) She metal working thinking that there is a kind of beauty to making things with her hands. Things that won't break.

Maria and Robert
A. Arthur T. Wilson
B. Virgo
C. She wasn't expecting to fall in love again, not after what happened. But he made her feel at peace.
D. Luke Benward
E. 1: Best friend's with Free, son of the dolphin Hope. 2: Leader of the Teen Titans 3: Loves pizza even more than his mom. 4: Looks after his mom's ice sculpture of Hope. 5: Had a crush on Aunt Ash when he was five.

Dex and Rose
A. David James Ellington
B. Taurus
C. A shock to everyone, Dex eventually settled down and married Rose. David came a long a couple of years later. He's the oldest out of three kids.
D. William Mosley
Him and Dad would have Loony Toons Saturdays every weekend when he was a little kid. They continued this as he got older, too.

Is more of a pacifist, like his mom, but will throw punches if someone threatens his little sisters, family, or friends.

Isn't a Lantern, but due to his parent's exposure to the green and blue lights, he has the metahuman ability to create, control, and manipulate both with his mind.

Is a very accomplished boxer, having been trained by his dad, Layla Hall, and Cat Grant.

Had the biggest crush on his mother's Blue Lantern Sister, Clara when he was a kid. Would bring her flowers whenever he saw he.

Dex and Sin
A. Connor Michael Queen
B. Scorpio
C. Sin and Dex were in a relationship for a bit. Connor was the result. They didn't married, but remained friends.
D. Michael Copon.
Was a born flirt. At age five, would go around hitting on his father's female teammates.

Was very high energy as a kid, testing even his mother's legendary patience. Of course, it didn't help that Aunt Maria and Uncle Keith totally encouraged him, though they claim otherwise.

Is more of a brawler than a martial artist, at least his mother's type. If anything, he wants to be more like Chuck Norris than Richard Dragon.

Has a bit of temper. Does yoga when he needs to relieve stress.

The Green Lantern ring found him when he turned sixteen. Dad couldn't be more proud.


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