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[17 Feb 2008|09:22pm]
I don't think I've ever felt so irritable. I dislike exams for one reason - not necessarily my preparation for them, as I'm confident I'll do well on all of them, but my parent's nagging done in an uniquely Asian fashion. Needless to say, teachers and certain administrators are beginning to imitate them.

As for everything else that's been going on lately, all I can say is: ridiculous. Really, really quite ridiculous.
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[29 Jan 2008|01:40pm]
I saw some sixth years dancing the macarena today.  Personally, I don't understand it.  Are they trying to get rid of arthritis in their joints so early in life? 

As for the unfortunate consequences that have ensued coincidentally, or due to the Scottish play, I can ensure that the set is still looking good, and the architecture is historically accurate.
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[18 Jan 2008|08:21pm]
Recent events have deeply saddened me, as I am sure it has done to most of us, to some degree or another. I see that for some, they may cause them to question their beliefs. Nonetheless, I find myself clinging to them, going back to read more of the Pali Canon. I do find these matters easier to contemplate to oneself rather than discuss them - I think the easiness will come at a later time.

I am happy to announce the Third Annual 'Dream House' Offer, a period in the end of the year in which I design whatever is requested to me, for no fee whatsoever. Previous works, which some of you may have saw, were based on the following: The Hobbit, Star Trek, The Jetsons, Disney Princesses + other characters and a modern adobe mansion.

This year I will taking two requests, mostly on a first come, first serve basis, as long as they're reasonable . It will come with detailed floor plans, as well as coloured drawings of the exterior and interior. However some rooms I will not design that were previously suggested to me: "BDSM" chambers or anything extremely sexual or kinky, cult rooms, etc. I don't necessarily mind encorporating Greek statues of the idealized human form, but these have been deemed pornography by certain authority figures.
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[17 Jan 2008|11:14am]
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