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January 6th, 2008

Intro [Jan. 6th, 2008|11:36 pm]
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This is an RP journal. :)

I personally am expecting a rather busy quarter. I work and attend classes for speech pathology and audiology. This (Winter 2008) will be my first quarter in clinic!

I am always open to meeting new, fellow RPers, though. My characters are "original," though I may have derived ideas from sources I may by now have forgotten. I RP casually, and use the journal as if my characters are writing in it rather than myself. I also implement YIM, where they also use it as if they were using YIM rather than myself.. if they're on their SN. If I'm on my personal YIM SN, I RP them as if they're 'live,' reminiscent of the AOL chat RP style, as that is where I began my RPing roots.

I prefer male/male relationships, simply because I like the eye candy. :x I lean towards slim, pretty guys rather than anything very masculine. My RPs tend to focus more on a small core group of characters, where I can develop their internal dynamics and emotions. Emotions are a big thing for me. I'm not very grounded - and you will find that in my main character. I'm a Pisces, see, and I developed many of my characters off different aspects of myself. :) I enjoy deep, but fluffy connections that generate tensions. I'm a complete romantic, but I am able to touch back onto earth every now and then. ;*

I do not have Nazi-like RP tendencies. Sometimes, I will not have researched a particular aspect enough - though I try. I am not concerned about extreme accuracy, just general accuracy. I am open to mixing OOC with IC (where I can talk to an interact with my own character like they were "muses" in my head), but I can also keep them separate like traditional RP characters. You will find that I feel MOST comfortable if I am able to chat about characters and the situations they're in as if they're from an episode in a TV show. I love chatting about and sharing my characters. :D

I'd love to meet with anyone looking for an RP that is casual and somewhat mature.. if you can be immaturely mature. Joke! Dick around! Or fuck around lol. I misspelled "dick" as "fick." Anyway, feel free to contact me if an RP wif meh might sound interestin'! x)


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