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Baby and me ([info]babyandme) wrote,
@ 2008-01-14 18:09:00

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Current location:Home, Mendota, IL, USA
Current mood: accomplished
Current music:Conan the Barbarian.

Post #1

I never did one of these with my first pregnancy, and I feel like I missedo ut, since I didn't take pictures of my belly, or keep a record of everyhting that happened. I plan on doing that this time. Hopefully, I'll be ambitious enough to do it. LOL. Don't be surprised if there's things mentioned here about Raven either. She has her own journal, but that won't stop me from including her in here. Anyway, that's about it. 

One more thing, I had first saw this layour used on GJ by one of my best friends, in her own baby journal. Libby, sorry, I love it so much, I had to use it. =o) The layout was made over at premade_ljs over on livejournal. Okay, that is all. 

I go see the Dr. tomorrow, so I'll be updating this afterwards. Stay tuned.

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