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[20 Jun 2023|11:41pm]

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[20 Jun 2023|10:50pm]

midweek ffa! what are you doing to relax and wind down? how about adopting a virtual cat if you're feeling stressed out!! how are you feeling? is anything on your mind? carrissa and i have come to the conclusion we don't know anything about the elements or zodiac, so we're trying to learn; what's something you're learning right now or even learned recently! feel free to comment and ask a question, tell a secret, or even just leave your name with a question you want the answer to!
what's your sign and how accurate do you think it is to you? what does it say about you that you might not say about yourself otherwise?
where are we walking - or driving? (and what are we listening to!)
show me (and the ai) your best artwork! (or tell us about the ai's worst guesses)
fun interactive questions! literally!
tell me the most powerful lyrics you've heard or tell me what's on your current song's mood board!
here's a dump of things to rot your brain to: what's on for you! who do you want to see? social media from before there was internet, beware it's kind of porny sometimes. what should you read based on your mood? listen to any era radio! if you use this, you have to share your results! sad that the climbing everest one is dead!
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