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RASPUTIN, dmitri piotrov [03 Jan 2013|02:52pm]
E-MAIL: on file
AIM: on file

CHARACTER NAME: Dmitri Piotrov Rasputin
CHARACTER LJ: bloody_irony
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'11", 154lbs, athletic, looks very young (often mistaken for being the younger brother, rather than being the oldest)
AGE: 24
BIRTHDAY: October 7

PB: Nolan Gerard Funk

Dmitri can generate excessive amounts of blood iron and manipulate, animate, solidify and otherwise control it as long as it is his own.  He can even create constructs, such as weapons and armor, but most often creates a network of iron under his skin to create an inner armor (similar to his brother's, but not as strong).  He creates these things by willing the blood iron out of his body (or throughout the body) through the skin, whether in small or large amounts.  He possesses an incredible healing factor that immediately works on repairing his wounds and prevents harmful substances from infecting his body.

Dmitri is pretty good with weapons combat.  And like his father, Dmitri is an exceptional artist.  He also speaks fluent English, Japanese, Russian, the alien language of the Skrulls, and the alien language of the Shi'ar (the latter two his mom taught him, because if he has to go on a space adventure then he needs to know these things). He also has knowledge of both Hebrew and Gaelic  (also learned from his mom, because one is heritage and the other he decided sounded cool).  Lastly, he is a decent pilot, though not at the skill level of his mother.

Dmitri must constantly eat to maintain his ability to produce excess blood iron, so he can't produce as much if he's hungry.  There is also a limit to how much he can produce at once, which is up to 50lbs.  After 50lbs of extra blood iron is produced, it becomes dangerous for continued production and he must wait until he's eaten enough to restart extra production.  Dmitri specifically can only manipulate his own blood iron, and not the blood iron of others.

LOCATION: Excalibur HQ
RELATIVES: Piotr Rasputin(Father), Kitty Rasputin (Mother), Vlad Rasputin (Brother)

HISTORY: Dmitri is the eldest of the Rasputin children.  He grew up around the rest of the X-Men and their children and had a decent life growing up.  However, he was always at odds with the idea of becoming a member of the X-Men and fighting.  That wasn't his shtick, but he was coerced into joining the team regardless for a short period of time.  Eventually, when he turned eighteen, Dmitri saw his opportunity to leave Xaviers for college.  He took the chance and has been actively been taking classes ever since.  Though his parents don't pay his way through college, Dmitri has found a way to provide himself with enough money to make his own way.  Just don't look up his alter ego, Nikolai Grigory, on the internet (and if you do, keep safe search on).

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?  He's going to be introduced for the plot that starts up Excalibur.
What are you planning to do with this character? Fun Excalibur things, and happy jokey time with his brother.  He's fully prepared to deal with the crack team that this is.
What do you want to see happen with this character? Him exposed as an adult film star to his teammates in the future.  That'll be fun.
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Test Thread [13 Feb 2010|02:34pm]
Dmitri already managed to unpack his bags and get settled into his old room once again. He had a solemn expression for most of the event after getting filled in on what had happened while he was away. He wouldn't have been able to prevent much damage to the building or run off the attackers just by being there. But, maybe he could have helped to save a little girl. He thanked God that his own little sister arrived after the incident, but wondered what his parents were thinking by doing that.
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