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Monday March 03, 2008
mood: contemplative

howdy. my name is dawn-marie. i am 20 years old. my birthday is on november 11. i am a long-time resident of greatestjournal, and i think i might have found a new home here at scribbld! i have met some really nice, great people here. there is not much to say about me. i live in massachussets S0X NATI0N and i love it. i LOVE the red sox and the patriots, i work at gillette stadium, home of the patriots! i am currently single, and i am fine with that - for the moment. i went through some shit, but things are getting much better, so maybe i will find somebody soon :) i have 4 best friends that i hang out with all the time. i don't do anything other than hang out with them. i smoke marijuana, A LOT so if you are not cool with talking about drugs, and sexual things, i would suggest you don't add me. i am really easy to get along with, and i am a really nice person, so other than that, i would try your luck! just add me, and comment :) thanks for coming!