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[13 Nov 2010|07:14pm]
"Early- yeah, its an old habit. I uh, I already gave your room a sweep and its clean of any bugs." He took Alfred's bag, and pointed. As they walked he continued. "Things are good here, they're going really good. Really, really good." He said, emphatically. He hit the number for the top floor, and waited for the doors to close.

"Yeah, yeah um- classes are going really well. Between work and class I've got a lot on my plate- but I mange to keep busy..." he said quietly. With a ding the elevator comes to a stop on the 14th floor. When they exit, Dick has to guide Alfred to the right. "Actually, I had them change your room when I found out it was facing south- I know you like to be able to see the sunrise in the morning." He said, leading Alfie toward the executive suites- rather than the humble room Alfred had booked for himself.
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[11 Nov 2010|02:52pm]
Dick wandered into the Bludhaven Hilton Hotel at 9:20am, earlier than he had any logical reason to be for a 10am brunch. It was a habit he had developed in his early years with Batman, a kind of one-upmanship game, where whoever arrived first gained the advantage of the shadows, and attempted to surprise the other. More often than not, Bruce won- but in his later years Dick had evened the odds considerably. He blinked forcefully, a slight tic he used to avoid dwelling on unpleasant memories.

Dick was dressed to the nines- sweater-vest, suit jacket- the whole shebang. Usually he injected more of his personal style to what he wore, but today he wasn't pulling any punches. He found himself unconsciously checking his tie was straight. Though they spoke often on the phone, he hadn't seen Alfred in a long time, and his was perhaps the only person whose approval Dick still sought. The difference with Alfie is, he actually gives his approval. Dick thought.

Under one arm, dick had a small package, wrapped in brown paper. He shifted it from one hand to another, nervously. He judged it to be 9:41:21, and checked his watch to confirm. It was in fact, 9:41:31. Dick wasn't impressed. Damn it, I need to get accurate to within 8 seconds to beat... He didn't finish the thought, instead updating his assessment of the room. Denim Vest is still talking to Perky Receptionist, two new players at the southeast entrance- an Uptight Businessman with a briefcase (looks light from the way he carries it); and --

"Alf-Alfred!" Dick called his face creasing in a wide grin, as he waved to the familiar figure, moving immediately to help him with his bags.

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