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Drake ([info]corey_sheffield) wrote,
@ 2008-03-10 08:07:00

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09. Yay, wedding

The wedding went off great!! It was so nice there! Morgan managed to make it, but I wasn't able to tell her it was an outdoor wedding (our phone's not working). Lots of pictures were taken, yay! Can't wait to post those when I gets the chance. Although, I wasn't pleased to see stalker-boy, Sean, there. How he found out, I don't know. It pissed me off seeing him there, as well as everyone else. After the ceremony and the kiss, Johnny's uncle Frank did a "rice tossing" thing, except this time it was a snow tossing thing. Frank always was the guy to get a smile on people's faces. Colin and the other little ones finally got to meet Johnny's family after hearing so much about them for so long. Heck, Colin even managed to high five Shelbie. Unfortunately, they couldn't come with us to the reception, cause Greg had to go the doctor (he'd been sick for a while, but wanted to attend this thing). Afterward, we went to Diamond's, some buffet place, where I was chosen to be the best man for the marriage license. The original best man, Rick, took off after the ceremony. I was going to have that position originally, but the whole obligation of choosing family over friends was in effect. So I was best man, and Will was chosen for Maid of Honor when Amy was no where to be seen. Instead, Aaron says "Will, you're MADE of honor," for the save. Luckily, Sean didn't show up to the reception. And a lot people said if Pickett (the minister) called for objections, and Sean said anything, we'd kill him on the spot. Kathlyn's family wasn't so bad, except for her sister. Everytime Johnny and Kathlyn tried to do anything romantic or goofy, she'd bitch up a storm! Joy and Morgan were about to jump her ass if she didn't shut the hell up. As for gifts and such, Johnny and Kathlyn got a pasta pot, some glasses, towels, dinner trays, and cards from Elaine and Morgan. Kathlyn loved their cards the most, and probably looked like she was about to cry. Elaine couldn't make it because of work. Bastards. Aside from the bride and groom, Morgan became the talk of the party because of the dress she wore. She was probably the only one there who actually wore a dress. Besides the sister and Sean, everyone had a good time. I'm so happy for Johnny and Kathlyn, and hope they have a long and prosperous marriage.

This post's Major Arcana:
The Hermit
Positive: The Hermit represents the need to slow down and absorb more of a peaceful and quite life. The Hermit finds his knowledge and wisdom through exploration of the self rather then the physical world around him. The Hermit separates himself from the more superficial aspects of life in order to find true self-awareness. The Hermit does not just experience life but he uses that experience to understand why things are the way they are. The Hermit is about learning of the self and the motivations behind his own personal actions and thinking. The Hermit represents a more meditative state of mind, one in which focus of ones purpose is of central importance. The Hermit is more self-centered so he can become more aware of any negative patterns or cycles he is repeating in hopes of alleviating them for the good of everyone.

Negative: When this card is reversed is represents being overly stagnant and a refusal to accept change. A person who refuses to look beyond the past, address their present situations, or anticipate a better future.  

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