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ジェン - a.k.a. Jen ([info]crash_and_burn) wrote,
@ 2009-01-10 15:44:00

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Current mood: tired
Current music:"Good Will Hunting By Myself" - Ludo

The horror of our love.
Wow. It has been a while. I thought I would check back in on Scribbld and figured I should finally post an update.

Life has changed a little bit since last January. I started working at school. I make minimum wage, but I can set my hours around my class schedule, and I get to do homework and study on down-times. So it really is worth it.

I bought my first car in August. It's a '95 Lebaron. Convertible. (Who thought I'd ever own a convertible?) It's a decent car. I had to replace the battery, get an oil change, and have a transmission flush done. Just regular maintenance. Nothing major has happened to it, yay!

I've been working hard in school. I managed a 3.9 GPA last semester. I was SO shocked when I checked my grades and saw my lowest grade was an A-. I was convinced that it would be a little lower.

I had some issues during the semester with a Chinese professor who had no clue what she was doing in the classroom and treated everyone like dirt. I'm the only person who reported her, but I'm glad I gathered the courage and did it. She went as far as calling me "not smart enough" in class, even though I got some of the highest grades. I went to the Dean of Students, and she had the higher-ups talk with the professor. I don't think many people will continue in Chinese. I decided to stop taking it. Even if I had time in my schedule, it wouldn't be worth putting up with that professor. I got an A in the class, but it doesn't compensate for how miserable I felt, having to show up at 9 A.M. four days a week just to get ridiculed by that professor. =/

On Halloween, I led a ghost hunt on campus with Matt and Megan. We had a pretty active investigation in the gardens at Holmdene. Holmdene was once a mansion belonging to a wealthy family; now, it functions as a building for faculty and staff. The English and History departments are located on the third floor, which is supposed to be extremely haunted. We didn't have permission to go inside, but even just wandering the gardens gave us a lot. We heard footsteps and couldn't trace them. I caught a blue mist on my digital camera and a female voice saying "Ye-es" on my video camera when Matt asked if anyone was there with us. It didn't come up on the digital voice recorder.

Anyway, this (coupled with the weekly awesomeness of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel) inspired me to get serious about forming my own investigative team. It's still a fledgling work, but it's getting there. I'm adamant. It WILL succeed!

This semester is going to be hectic, but I'm hoping for good things. I'm taking Women Writers, 19th Century American Literature, Rembrandt and Baroque, Japanese 302, and Intro to Research & Design.

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